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CV de Emmanuel Rio

Cours2 documents

  • Emmanuel Rio. Inequalities and limit theorems for weakly dependent sequences. 3rd cycle. 2013, pp.170. <cel-00867106>
  • Emmanuel Rio. Inégalités exponentielles et inégalités de concentration. DEA. Inégalités exponentielles et inégalités de concentration, Institut mathématique de Bordeaux, 2009, pp.22. <cel-00702524>

Communication dans un congrès1 document

  • Florence Merlevède, Magda Peligrad, Emmanuel Rio. Bernstein inequality and moderate deviations under strong mixing conditions. Edited by Christian Houdré, Vladimir Koltchinskii, David M. Mason and Magda Peligrad. High dimensional probability V : the 5th International Conference (HDP V), May 2008, Luminy, France. Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Beachwood, OH, pp.273-292, 2009. <inria-00360856>

Rapport1 document

  • Francois Caron, Chris Holmes, Emmanuel Rio. On the sampling distribution of an $\ell^2$ distance between Empirical Distribution Functions with applications to nonparametric testing. [Research Report] RR-7931, INRIA. 2012. <hal-00688141v2>

Pré-publication, Document de travail2 documents

  • Emmanuel Rio. On McDiarmid's concentration inequality. 2013. <hal-00798275>
  • Florence Merlevède, Magda Peligrad, Emmanuel Rio. A Bernstein type inequality and moderate deviations for weakly dependent sequences. 2009. <inria-00358525>

Article dans une revue3 documents

  • Nolwenn Dubois, Emmanuel Rio, Natacha Ripoche, Véronique Ferchaud-Roucher, Marie-Hélène Gaugler, et al.. Plasma ceramide, a real-time predictive marker of pulmonary and hepatic metastases response to stereotactic body radiation therapy combined with irinotecan.. Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, 2016, 119 (2), pp.229-35. <10.1016/j.radonc.2016.03.014>. <inserm-01333878>
  • Jérôme Dedecker, Florence Merlevède, Emmanuel Rio. Strong approximation of the empirical distribution function for absolutely regular sequences in R^d.. Electronic Journal of Probability, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), 2014, 19 (no. 9, 56 pp.). <hal-00798305>
  • Pierre Del Moral, Emmanuel Rio. Concentration Inequalities for Mean Field Particle Models. The Annals of Applied Probability : an official journal of the institute of mathematical statistics, The Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2011, 21 (3), pp.1017-1052. <10.1214/10-AAP716>. <inria-00375134v3>

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)1 document

  • Bernard Bercu, Bernard Delyon, Emmanuel Rio. Concentration Inequalities for Sums and Martingales. Springer, 210 p., 2015, SpringerBriefs in Mathematics, 978-3-319-22098-7. <10.1007/978-3-319-22099-4>. <hal-01256173>