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Emilien Ravigné, PhD Student, Environmental Economics

Emilien Ravigné is a PhD candidate in economics at CentraleSupélec (LGI, Industrial Engineering Lab) in Université Paris-Saclay within the Sustainable Economics team and CIRED (an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the study of sustainable development).

He graduaded from AgroParisTech in Environmental Economics (Msc) and Ecole Centrale Paris in Industrial Engineering (MEng) in dec 2018.


His research focus on the interactions between energy transition policies and inequalities among households. He started his PhD in January 2019, after g

Working papers

  1. Ravigné, E., Da Costa, P.; Working Paper, Economic and Environmental Performances of Natural Gas for Heavy trucks, A Case Study of French Automotive Industry Supply Chain
  2. Ravigné, E., Ghersi, F., Nadaud, F.; Working Paper, From Factor-Four Mitigation to Zero-Net Emissions: Is a just transition possible? Evidence from the French Low-Carbon Strategy
  3. Ravigné, E., Ghersi, F., Nadaud, F.; Working Paper, Macro-micro linkage to evaluate the distributive impacts of carbon taxation on French households


  • Contributor to ADEME project, French Environment Agency (ADEME), 2018-2020, Evaluation of the distributive impacts of the National Low-Carbon Strategy (CRNS contract n°165267)
  • Task Leader and Contributor to European project EUSL-Capacity, Europe Sri Lanka Capacity Building
    in Energy Circular Economy, 2020-2022

The 3-year EUSL-Capacity project aims to develop the first online Master's programme in Energy Engineering and Circular Economy in Sri Lanka. It responds both to Sri Lanka's ambition of energy transition and also to the need to offer more places in higher education.


  • Micro-economics and game theory - Lecture & Tutorials, in charge (ESSEC x CentraleSupélec, Master in Data Science and Business Analytics, 15h, 2019) (en)
  • Economic modelling for climate - Lecture & Tutorials, in charge (CentraleSupélec, Bachelor of Engineering, 35h, 2019, 2020) (fr)
  • Environmental Economics - Lecture (CEA, Master in Nuclear Energy, 9h 2020) (en)
  • Introduction to Economics - Tutorials (CentraleSupélec, Master of Engineering, 21h, 2018, 2019) (en, fr)
  • Growth and Innovation Economics - Tutorials (CentraleSupélec, Master of Engineering, 9h, 2019) (fr)
  • Advanced Economics - Tutorials (CentraleSupélec, Master of Engineering, 9h, 2018) (fr)
  • Industrial Engineering - Tutorials (CentraleSupélec, Bachelor of Engineering, 2018 : 27h, 2019 : 6h) (fr)


Conference papers1 document

  • Emilien Ravigné, Frédéric Ghersi, Franck Nadaud. Combining micro and macro simulations to assess the distributional impacts of energy transitions. Evidences from the French National Low Carbon Strategy. EU Conference on modelling for policy support, European Commission's Competence Centre, Nov 2019, Bruxelles, Belgium. ⟨hal-02466208⟩