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Elodie Brisset - Dr. Physical Geography

I am Doctor in Physical Geography of the University Aix-Marseille (06/05/2014, France), specialist of studying sedimentary archives, especially lake and peat archives, to explore the interactions between Human, Climate and Environments over the Lateglacial and Holocene.

I develop a multi-indicators approach including sedimentological, geochemical, geochronological and biological proxies to track the diversity of the geosystem compartments. Specifically, my work aims to characterise the long-term evolution of hydrosystems (lake, river), ecosystems (soil, vegetation) and human practices (agriculture, farming, engineering).

My main line of research is to search what are the modality and rhythm of ecosystem adjustment to climate and anthropogenic perturbations, depending of the intensity and duration of perturbations.

I have applied my approach to case studies in France during my MSc and PhD. Then, I have applied my approach to different context during my postdocs in the Mediterranean (Marie Sklodowska-Curie researcher at IPHES, in Spain), in Bolivia, Chile (researcher at ISTerre-CNRS, in France), Kyrgyzstan and Iran (at IMBE-CNRS, France). I have been recently granted by the Obra Social La Caixa to continue my researches at IPHES.

My current project "SALTY" (Obra Social La Caixa, 2019-2022 - 305,100€) explores how the succeeding civilizations have faced with water shortages in semi-arid plains of the ancient Persia (Iran).

I have participated to 20 research projects on past Human-Environment interactions and have been the PI of the project “MedCoRes” (Marie-Curie Action, 2017-2018 - 150,000€), that aimed to investigate how the last hunter-gatherers and first farmers have responded to rapid ecosystem changes in a context of sea-level rise  (Brisset et al. 2018 in Global and Planetary Changes).

To date (april 2019), my track-record includes 18 articles published in international journals (ISI-WoS), 9 of them in first and corresponding author, and 8 without my PhD directors. Almost 80% of them are in Q1-ranked journals (25% of the best journal of their field). I noticeably published my works in GEOLOGY, (Impact Factor:4.4); Quaternary Science Reviews (IF:4.5); Global and Planetary Changes (IF:3.9); CATENA (IF:3.6). My papers received more than 150 citations (Scopus). 

Amongst other activities, I have organised two symposiums in international conferences (European Association of Archaeologists in Barcelona 2018, Paleolimnology and Limnogeology Associations in Stockholm 2018). I have also disseminated my work in conferences, that has included 41 oral (including 2 invited conferences at the COP 21 in Paris) and 19 posters. I have been awarded of 2 prizes for the quality of my research.

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  • Elodie Brisset. Sensibilité des milieux de montagne aux forçages climatiques et anthropiques depuis 14 000 ans dans les Alpes du Sud. Sciences de la Terre. Aix-Marseille Université, 2014. Français. ⟨tel-01095721⟩

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