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  • Sharat Chandra Varma, Paul Kolin, M. Balakrishnan, Dominique Lavenier. Hardware acceleration of de novo genome assembly. International Journal of Embedded Systems, Inderscience, 2017, 9 (1), pp.74-89. <>. <10.1504/IJES.2017.10002593>. <hal-01481800>
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  • Dominique Lavenier. Assembler un génome sur un pico-ordinateur. Biofutur, Elsevier - Cachan : Lavoisier, 2015, 34 (363). <hal-01235355>
  • Hristo Djidjev, Guillaume Chapuis, Rumen Andonov, Sunil Thulasidasan, Dominique Lavenier. All-Pairs Shortest Path Algorithms for Planar Graph for GPU-Accelerated Clusters. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Elsevier, 2015, 85, pp.91-103. <10.1016/j.jpdc.2015.06.008>. <hal-01235348>
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  • Mehdi Darouich, Stéphane Guyetant, Dominique Lavenier. Etude quantitative dálgorithmes de stéréovision pour les systèmes embarqués d'aide à la conduite. Techniques et Sciences Informatiquess, Editions Hermès, 2011, 30 (5), pp.539-569. <10.3166>. <hal-00637835>
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  • Dominique Lavenier, Xianyang Jiang, Stephen Yau. Coding Region Prediction Based on a Universal DNA Sequence Representation Method. Journal of Computational Biology, Mary Ann Liebert, 2008, 15 (10), pp.1237-1256. <10.1089/cmb.2008.0041>. <inria-00347594>
  • Dominique Lavenier. RDISK : une architecture reconfigurable pour l'exploration des banques génomiques. Techniques de l'Ingenieur, Techniques de l'ingénieur, 2008, November (IN89). <inria-00347596>
  • Pierre Peterlongo, Laurent Noé, Dominique Lavenier, Van Hoa Nguyen, Gregory Kucherov, et al.. Optimal neighborhood indexing for protein similarity search. BMC Bioinformatics, BioMed Central, 2008, 9 (534), <10.1186/1471-2105-9-534>. <inria-00340510>
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  • Mathieu Giraud, Philippe Veber, Dominique Lavenier. Path-equivalent developments in acyclic weighted automata. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, World Scientific Publishing, 2007, 18 (4), pp.799-812. <10.1142/S012905410700498X>. <inria-00271646>
  • Sébastien Tempel, Mathieu Giraud, Dominique Lavenier, Israël-César Lerman, Anne-Sophie Valin, et al.. Domain organization within repeated DNA sequences: application to the study of a family of transposable elements.. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 2006, 22(16), pp.1948-1954. <hal-00090517>

Communication dans un congrès34 documents

  • Dominique Lavenier, Jean-Francois Roy, David Furodet. DNA Mapping using Processor-in-Memory Architecture. Workshop on Accelerator-Enabled Algorithms and Applications in Bioinformatics, Dec 2016, Shenzhen, China. 2016. <hal-01399997>
  • Hoang-Son Pham, Dominique Lavenier, Alexandre Termier. Identifying Genetic Variant Combinations using Skypatterns. 7th International Workshop on Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Workshop BIOKDD '16 ), Sep 2016, Porto, Portugal. 2016, <>. <10.1109/DEXA.2016.13>. <hal-01385614>
  • Sebastien François, Rumen Andonov, Hristo Djidjev, Dominique Lavenier. Global Optimization Methods for Genome Scaffolding. 12th International Workshop on Constraint-Based Methods for Bioinformatics , Sep 2016, Toulouse, France. 2016, <>. <hal-01385665>
  • Ivaylo Petrov, Sébastien Brillet, Erwan Drezen, Sylvain Quiniou, L Antin, et al.. KLAST: fast and sensitive software to compare large genomic databanks on cloud. World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing, Jul 2015, Las Vegas,, United States. <hal-01235339>
  • Guillaume Chapuis, Hristo Djidjev, Rumen Andonov, Sunil Thulasidasan, Dominique Lavenier. Efficient Multi-GPU Algorithm for All-Pairs Shortest Paths. IPDPS 2014, May 2014, Phoenix, United States. 2014. <hal-00905738>
  • Sharat Chandra Varma, Paul Kolin, M. Balakrishnan, Dominique Lavenier. FAssem : FPGA based Acceleration of De Novo Genome Assembly. Proceeding of The 21st Annual International IEEE Symposium on Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines, Apr 2013, Seattle, United States. pp.FCCM'2013, 2013. <hal-00829055>
  • Guillaume Chapuis, Mathilde Le Boudic-Jamin, Rumen Andonov, Hristo Djidjev, Dominique Lavenier. Parallel seed-based approach to protein structure similarity detection. Roman Wyrzykowski. PPAM 2013, Sep 2013, Varsovie, Poland. Springer, 2013. <hal-00881507>
  • Nicolas Maillet, Claire Lemaitre, Rayan Chikhi, Dominique Lavenier, Pierre Peterlongo. Compareads: comparing huge metagenomic experiments. RECOMB Comparative Genomics 2012, Oct 2012, Niterói, Brazil. 2012. <hal-00720951>
  • Mathieu Giraud, Stéphane Janot, Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Charles Deltel, Laetitia Jourdan, et al.. Biomanycores, open-source parallel code for many-core bioinformatics. Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC 2011), 2011, Vienne, Austria. 2011. <inria-00623390>
  • Jonathan Piat, Francois Moreews, Olivier Collin, Dominique Lavenier, Alexandre Cornu. SLICEE: A Service oriented middleware for intensive scientific computation. IEEE. SERVICES 2011, Jul 2011, WASHINGTON DC, United States. 2011. <inria-00638694>
  • Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Charles Deltel, Mathieu Giraud, Stéphane Janot, Laetitia Jourdan, et al.. a repository of interoperable open-source code for many-core bioinformatics. JOBIM 2011, Jul 2011, Paris, France. <hal-00637847>
  • Rayan Chikhi, Guillaume Chapuis, Dominique Lavenier. Parallel and memory-efficient reads indexing for genome assembly. Parallel Bio-Computing 2011, Sep 2011, torun, Poland. 2011. <inria-00637536>
  • Guillaume Chapuis, Olivier Filangi, Pascale Leroy, Jean-Michel Elsen, Dominique Lavenier. GPU Accelerted QTLMap. The 15th QTL-MAS workshop, May 2011, France. <hal-00637840>
  • Rayan Chikhi, Dominique Lavenier. Localized genome assembly from reads to scaffolds: practical traversal of the paired string graph. Springer. WABI 2011, Sep 2011, Sarrebruck, Germany. 2011, Algorithms in Bioinformatics 11th International Workshop, WABI 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 5-7, 2011. Proceedings. <10.1007/978-3-642-23038-7_4>. <inria-00637535>
  • Alexandre Cornu, Steven Derrien, Dominique Lavenier. HLS Tools for FPGA : faster development with better performances. Proceeding of the 7th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing, Feb 2011, Belfast, United Kingdom. 6578, pp.67-78, 2011. <hal-00637830>
  • Van Hoa Nguyen, Alexandre Cornu, Dominique Lavenier. Implementing Protein Seed-Based Comparison Algorithm on the SGI RASC-100 Platform. Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop - IPDPS, May 2009, Rome, Italy. 2009. <inria-00425237>
  • Pierre Peterlongo, Jacques Nicolas, Dominique Lavenier, Raoul Vorc'H, Joël Querellou. c-GAMMA: Comparative Genome Analysis of Molecular Markers. LNCS. Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, Sep 2009, Sheffield, United Kingdom. SpringerLink, 5780/2009, pp.255-269, 2009, Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics. <10.1007/978-3-642-04031-3_23>. <inria-00425373>
  • Guillaume Rizk, Dominique Lavenier. GPU accelerated Rna folding algorithm. Allen, G.; Nabrzyski, J.; Seidel, E.; Albada, G.D. van; Dongarra, J.; Sloot, P.M.A. 9th International Conference on Computational Science, May 2009, Baton Rouge, United States. Springer., 5544, pp.1031, 2009, LNCS. <10.1000.ISBN: 978-3-642-01969-2>. <hal-00425543>
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  • Guillaume Rizk, Dominique Lavenier. GPU Accelerated RNA-RNA Interaction Algorithm. EMBnet, Sep 2008, Martina Franca, Italy. 2008. <inria-00323566>
  • Dominique Lavenier, Julien Jacques. Parallelizing the ACGT OncoSimulator. 3rd International Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology, Sep 2008, Istanbul, Turkey. online proceedings:, 2008. <hal-00322703>
  • Xioachun Ye, Van Hoa Nguyen, Dominique Lavenier, Dongrui Fan. Efficient Parallelization of a Protein Sequence Comparison Algorithm on Manycore Architecture. Ninth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies, Dec 2008, France. online proceedings:, 2008. <hal-00322732>
  • Dominique Lavenier. Ordered Index Seed Algorithm for Intensive DNA Sequence Comparison. HiCOMB 2008 : Seventh IEEE International Workshop on High Performance Computational Biology, Apr 2008, Miami, United States. online proceeding :, 2008. <hal-00322696>
  • Van Hoa Nguyen, Dominique Lavenier. Comparaison intensive des séquences protéiques : indexation des banques et usage des instructions SIMD des microprocesseurs. Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques - JOBIM, Jun 2008, Lille, France. 2008. <inria-00325020>
  • Pierre Peterlongo, Laurent Noé, Dominique Lavenier, Gilles Georges, Julien Jacques, et al.. Protein similarity search with subset seeds on a dedicated reconfigurable hardware. Parallel Bio-Computing, Sep 2007, Gdansk,, Poland. 2007. <inria-00178325>
  • Philippe Veber, Sébastien Tempel, Rumen Andonov, Dominique Lavenier, Jacques Nicolas. Détection de domaines dans des séquences génomiques : un problème de couverture optimale. FRANCORO V/ROADEF 2007, Feb 2007, Grenoble, France. <hal-00186471>
  • Gilles Georges, Steven Derrien, Stéphane Rubini, Frédéric Raimbault, Laurent Amsaleg, et al.. Remix : une architecture pour la recherche dans les masses de données indexées. Symposium en archichecture de machines (Sympa) 2006, Oct 2006, Perpignan, France. pp.142-153, 2006. <hal-00505589>
  • Dominique Lavenier, Philippe Veber, Mathieu Giraud. Path-Equivalent Removal of Epsilon-Transitions. 2006, Springer, pp.23--33, 2006, LNCS 4094. <10.1007/11812128_4>. <hal-00107094>
  • Dominique Lavenier. Fine-Grained Parallelism for Genomic Computation. Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Feb 2006, United States. <hal-00179996>
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  • Mathieu Giraud, Laurent Noé, Gregory Kucherov, Dominique Lavenier. Recherches de motifs et de similarités en bioinformatique : modélisations, solutions logicielles et matérielles. Alexandre Vautier, Sylvie Saget. MajecSTIC 2005 : Manifestation des Jeunes Chercheurs francophones dans les domaines des STIC, Nov 2005, Rennes/France, pp.18--37, 2005. <inria-00001036>
  • Dominique Lavenier, Hugues Leroy, Michel Hurfin, Rumen Andonov, L. Mouchard, et al.. Le projet GénoGRID : une grille expérimentale pour la génomique. Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique et Mathématiques, 2002, Saint Malo, France. pp.27-32, 2002. <hal-00465092>

Poster4 documents

  • Gaëtan Benoit, Pierre Peterlongo, Dominique Lavenier, Claire Lemaitre. Simka: fast kmer-based method for estimating the similarity between numerous metagenomic datasets. JOBIM 2015, Jul 2015, Clermont-Ferrand, France. <>. <10.1093/Bioinforma-cs/btu406>. <hal-01180603>
  • Erwan Drezen, Guillaume Rizk, Rayan Chikhi, Charles Deltel, Claire Lemaitre, et al.. GATB: a software toolbox for genome assembly and analysis. Bio-IT World Conference, Apr 2014, Boston, United States. <hal-01088641>
  • Erwan Drezen, Guillaume Rizk, Rayan Chikhi, Charles Deltel, Claire Lemaitre, et al.. Speeding up NGS software development. Sequencing, Finishing and Analysis in the Future Meeting, May 2014, Santa Fé, United States. <hal-01088683>
  • Nicolas Maillet, Claire Lemaitre, Rayan Chikhi, Dominique Lavenier, Pierre Peterlongo. Compareads: comparing huge metagenomic experiments. 13e édition des Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques - JOBIM 2012, Jul 2012, Rennes, France. 2012. <hal-00760332>

Document associé à des manifestations scientifiques1 document

  • Guillaume Collet, Guillaume Rizk, Rayan Chikhi, Dominique Lavenier. MINIA on a Raspberry Pi, Assembling a 100 Mbp Genome on a Credit Card Sized Computer. JOBIM - Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques, Jul 2013, Toulouse, France. 2013. <hal-00842027>

Rapport22 documents

  • Laurent Bouri, Dominique Lavenier, Jean-Francois Gibrat, Victoria Fabia Dominguez del Angel. Evaluation of genome assembly software based on long reads. [Research Report] France Genomique. 2017. <hal-01481801>
  • Laurent Bouri, Dominique Lavenier. Evaluation des logiciels d'assemblage utilisant des lectures longues. [Rapport de recherche] RT-0475, INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique. 2016. <hal-01282892v2>
  • Dominique Lavenier, Charles Deltel, David Furodet, Jean-François Roy. BLAST on UPMEM. [Research Report] RR-8878, INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique. 2016, pp.20. <hal-01294345v2>
  • Dominique Lavenier, Charles Deltel, David Furodet, Jean-François Roy. MAPPING on UPMEM. [Research Report] RR-8923, INRIA. 2016, pp.17. <hal-01327511>
  • Alexandre Cornu, Francois Dussaugey, Dominique Lavenier. Parallel Reconfigurable Operator for Genomic Sequence Comparison: Architecture and Performance Analyses. [Research Report] RR-6776, INRIA. 2008. <inria-00348482>
  • Van Hoa Nguyen, Dominique Lavenier. Fine-grained parallelization of similarity search between protein sequences. [Research Report] RR-6513, INRIA. 2008, pp.40. <inria-00275250v2>
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  • Frédéric Raimbault, Dominique Lavenier. ROOM : reconfigurable object-oriented machines for specific applications. [Research Report] RR-4588, INRIA. 2002. <inria-00071997>
  • Dominique Lavenier. SAMBA : Systolic Accelerator for Molecular Biological Applications. [Research Report] RR-2845, INRIA. 1996. <inria-00073846>
  • Pascale Guerdoux-Jamet, Dominique Lavenier. Exploration rapide et exhaustive des banques d'ADN. [Rapport de recherche] RR-2580, INRIA. 1995. <inria-00074104>
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  • Dominique Lavenier. An integrated 2D systolic array for spelling correction. [Research Report] RR-1987, INRIA. 1993. <inria-00074685>
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  • Dominique Lavenier. Un Réseau systolique intégré pour la correction de fautes de frappe. [Rapport de recherche] RR-1755, INRIA. 1992. <inria-00076995>
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  • Patrice Frison, Dominique Lavenier. A systolic machine for string correction. [Research Report] RR-0780, INRIA. 1987. <inria-00075771>

Chapitre d'ouvrage4 documents

  • Guillaume Chapuis, Hristo Djidjev, Dominique Lavenier, Rumen Andonov. GPU-accelerated shortest paths computations for planar graphs. Hamid Azad Advances in GPU Research and Practice , Elsevier, pp.774, 2016, 9780128037386 <>. <hal-01385634>
  • Dominique Lavenier. Parallel Genomic Sequence Comparison. Parallel and Distributed Computing, INTECH, pp.273-290, 2010. <hal-00531505>
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  • Dominique Lavenier, Mathieu Giraud. Bioinformatics Applications. Gokhale, Maya B., Graham, Paul S. Reconfigurable Computing. Accelerating Computation with Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, Springer, 2005, Foundation of computing, 0-387-26105-2. <inria-00000501>

Pré-publication, Document de travail1 document

  • Gaëtan Benoit, Pierre Peterlongo, Mahendra Mariadassou, Erwan Drezen, Sophie Schbath, et al.. Multiple Comparative Metagenomics using Multiset k-mer Counting. 2016. <hal-01300485>

Autre publication2 documents

  • Alexandre Cornu, Steven Derrien, Dominique Lavenier. How to accelerate genomic sequence alignment 4X using half an FPGA. 2011. <hal-00637833>
  • Mehdi Darouich, Stephane Guyetant, Dominique Lavenier. Architecture flexible pour la stéréovision embarquée. Court article pour le colloque national du GdR Soc-Sip. 2008. <inria-00329460>