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Didier Samuel DONNE, Independant Researcher




2007                             Master  fluids  mechanics  


                                     Fundamental  Research  in  fluids  mechanics


                                     University  of  Lille  ( USTL )  France                                                               



2004                             University  degree  in  mechanics                     


                                     Mathematics  applied  to  fundamental  mechanics


                                     University  of  Lille  ( USTL )  France                                                                  



2003                             Technological  University Diploma of  mechanical  and  production  


                                     engineering  ( DUT  Génie  Mécanique  et  Productique )                   


                                     IUT  A  ( University  Institute  of  Technology )


                                     University  of  Lille  ( USTL)  France                                                                  




WORK   EXPERIENCES___________________________________________


2008 – today                Mathematics  teacher  ( middle  school )  


                                     French  National  Education 



2007                             Second  year  Master  Internship,  Research  in                    


                                     laboratory  at  LML  ( Mechanics  Laboratory  of  Lille )


                                     Numerical  representation  of  Newtonian  fluids,  by  using  


                                     the  finite  volume  method



2006                             First  year  Master  Internship,  Research  in  laboratory  at                   


                                     LML  ( Mechanics  Laboratory  of  Lille )


                                     Numerical  representation  of  acoustic  wave  crossing 


                                     fluid  medium,  by  using  the  finite  differences  method



2004                             Internship  in  mechanical  and  production  engineering              


                                     Assistant  manager  at  ATNOR  ( tow  bars  and  trailer 


                                     company,  at  Lomme,  France )  


                                     Application  of  Method,  Organization,    


                                     Management  and  Quality  rules,  in  business.