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Denis Friboulet

Denis Friboulet was born in Bordeaux, France in 1961. He received the engineering degree (electrical engineering) in 1984 and the Ph.D. degree (biomedical engineering) in 1990, both from the National Institute for Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA-Lyon). He worked from 1990 to 1991 at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine at the University of Hamburg (Germany). He is now Professor at Creatis - INSA Lyon

He currently leads the "Images and Models" team (15 permanent researchers and engineers). He has published more than 40 international journal and 100 conferences papers in the field of medical ultrasonic image and signal processing. He has participated/participates in several national and European research programmes such as the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH NOE and VPH-CaSeE)

Medical Image Analysis   

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