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  • Bahia Guellaï, Arlette Streri, Adrien Chopin, Delphine Rider, Kitamura Christine. Newborns’ Sensitivity to the Visual Aspects of Infant-Directed Speech: Evidence From Point-Line Displays of Talking Faces. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, American Psychological Association, 2016. <hal-01429925>
  • Stéphane Buffat, Alain Bichot, Véronique Chastres, Delphine Rider, Jean Lorenceau. OB3D, a new set of 3D Objects available for research: a web-based study. Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers, 2014. <hal-01429940>
  • Andrei Gorea, Delphine Rider, Qing Yang. A unified comparison of stimulus-driven, endogenous mandatory and 'free choice' saccades. PLoS ONE, Public Library of Science, 2014. <hal-01429955>
  • Anne-Yvonne Jacquet, Rana Esseily, Delphine Rider, Jacqueline Fagard. Handedness for grasping objects and declarative pointing: A longitudinal study. Developmental Psychobiology, Wiley, 2012. <hal-01429957>
  • Andrei Gorea, Delphine Rider. Introspecting on the timing of one’s actions in a visuomotor synchronization task. Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers, 2011. <hal-01429960>

Poster4 documents

  • Rida You, Willy Serniclaes, Delphine Rider, Nadia Chabane. Audiovisual Speech Perception in Autism. International Meeting for Autism Research, 2013, San Sebastián, Spain. <hal-01429991>
  • Rida You, Willy Serniclaes, Delphine Rider, Nadia Chabane. Perception visuelle de parole chez les enfants de spectre autistique. International Conference AutismComSym, 2011, Paris, France. <hal-01430001>
  • Rida You, Willy Serniclaes, Delphine Rider, Christophe Savariaux, Jean-Luc Schwartz, et al.. Perception auditive et visuelle de parole chez les enfants du spectre autistique. Quatrième Journée de Phonétique Clinique, 2011, Strasbourg, France. <hal-01430015>
  • Christophe Tandonnet, Pedro Cardoso-Leite, Delphine Rider, Andrei Gorea. A negative test of the sensorimotor dissociation with saccades perturbed by close to threshold distractors. European Conference on Visual Perception, 2008, Utrecht, Netherlands. <hal-01430225>

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  • Rida You, Nadia Chabane, Delphine Rider, Willy Serniclaes. Perception de la parole chez les enfants du spectre autistique. La voix et la parole perturbées. Travaux en Phonétique Clinique, 2014. <hal-01429969>