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Corinne DEJOUS


1986            Scientific Baccalaureate (Libourne-F)

1991            Engineering Degree, ENSEIRB (High School in Electronics, Informatics, Radiocommunications, Bordeaux)

1991            Masters Degree, Electronics, University Bordeaux 1

1994            Ph.D., University Bordeaux 1, Electronics

2005            Habilitation to supervise PhD (HDR Degree) in Electronics, University Bordeaux 1


1991-96     Assistant Professor, ENSEIRB, Talence France

1996-08     Associate Professor, University Bordeaux 1

2008-…       Full Professor, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux (Bordeaux INP/ENSEIRB-MATMECA)

Teaching experience

Main topics : Basic Electronics, Instrumentation and Measurement, Sensors - Microsystems

Major teaching-related recent and current responsibilities

- Responsible for teaching units in Instrumentation (PH105-PH106, 2009-2013), Circuits and systems (EA118), Microsystems (ME2011), Microfabrication (UE SEE6-C) of which Micro- nano-technologies (ME101) since 2009

- Responsible for International Relations of Electronics Department, Bordeaux INP/ENSEIRB-MATMECA (2009-2013)

- Head of Embedded Electronic Systems Department (work-linked training), Bordeaux INP/ENSEIRB-MATMECA since 2013

Research topics

Development of surface acoustic wave-based (bio)chemical microsensors integrated with electronic control and signal processing. Study of elastic wave propagation and their interaction with liquid or gaseous medium. Integration of innovative structured materials as sensitive recognition films (polymers, hybrid, meso- nano-structured, biomaterials, etc.). Integration with microfluidic chips. Applications to the detection of chemical or biological species and to dynamic characterization of thin-film materials and complex fluids at high frequencies. Recent contributions are in RF microsensors on flexible substrates with nanostructured carbonated materials, polymeric optical microring resonator and digital microfluidic for application in detection of environmental analytes. Emerging field of research is on wireless solutions for micro-energy of which a new project on wireless communication platform for biomedical implants.

Major fields of application : health, environment, energy.

These research works are conducted within the team MDA [1]: Acoustic wave based and innovative Detection Microsystems, as part of the group WAVES (« ONDES [2]») which targets smart, multi-technology, communicating and sustainable wave-based devices and systems.

Main research-related recent and current responsibilities

- Scientific leader of Research topic on acoustic waves microsensors for application in liquid media, IMS (since 2005)

- Elected Member of the IMS Lab’s Council (2007-2016), Invited Member of Scientific Council of IMS Lab. (since 2016)

- Head of ONDES (WAVES) Group, IMS, merging former groups Materials and Microsystems in 2015 (since 2011)

- Responsible for GPU « Environnements » (one of four main projects of IMS lab., since 2016)




Journal articles1 document

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Conference papers6 documents

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  • Dominique Rebiere, Corinne Dejous, Christophe Bordieu, Irène Esteban, Jacques Pistre, et al.. Capteurs à ondes acoustiques : application à la détection en milieux liquide et gazeux. Société Française de Chimie (SFC), Journées Scientifiques du 12° Salon du Laboratoire, 1997, France. ⟨hal-00184410⟩