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I am a CNRS researcher at Institut Jean Nicod.

My main fields of interest are semantics, logic, and ontology.
I have worked notably on mass nouns and count nouns, plural logic, telicity, and gradable expressions.

I have written a book and several papers on these topics, also presented in various conferences.
Here are my curriculum vitae, google scholar profile and researchgate profile.

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Communication dans un congrès3 documents

  • David Nicolas. Mass nouns and plural logic [6 pages abstract]. M. Aloni, P. Dekker & F. Roelofsen. 16th Amsterdam Colloquium, Dec 2007, Amsterdam, France. Palteam, pp.163-168, 2007, Proceedings of the 16th Amsterdam Colloquium. 〈ijn_00354942〉
  • David Nicolas. The semantics of nouns derived from gradable adjectives. C. Meier, M. Weisgerber. Sinn und Bedeutung 8, Oct 2003, Franfort, Allemagne, 2004. 〈ijn_00000619〉
  • Patrick Caudal, David Nicolas. Types of degrees and types of event structures. C. Maienborn, A. Wöllstein. Event Arguments: Foundations and Applications, Feb 2003, Munich, Germany. Niemeyer, pp.277-299, 2005. 〈ijn_00000621v2〉

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)1 document

  • David Nicolas. La distinction entre noms massifs et noms comptables : aspects linguistiques et conceptuels. (Louvain : Editions Peeters.). Peeters, 2002. 〈ijn_00000618v2〉

Chapitre d'ouvrage3 documents

  • David Nicolas. The Logic of Mass Expressions. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2014, 〈〉. 〈ijn_01219498〉
  • Philippe De Brabanter, David Nicolas, Isidora Stojanovic, Neftali Villanueva. Les usages déférentiels. Alban Bouvier et Bernard Conein. L'épistémologie sociale. Une théorie sociale de la connaissance, Editions de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, collection Raisons pratiques 17, pp.139-162, 2007. 〈ijn_00274756〉
  • David Nicolas. La catégorisation des noms communs: massifs et comptables. Jacques François, Françoise Cordier. Catégorisation et langage, 2002, 1. 〈ijn_00000013〉

Autre publication1 document

  • David Nicolas. Review of Oliver & Smiley (2013) Plural Logic. Available online only: 2014. 〈ijn_01647171〉

Pré-publication, Document de travail4 documents

  • David Nicolas. Counting and measuring – a reply to Liebesman. This is the final version of this unpublished work about counting in English. A related but diff.. 2015. 〈ijn_01433033〉
  • David Nicolas. Can mereological sums serve as the semantic values of plurals?. 2007. 〈ijn_00176868〉
  • Isidora Stojanovic, Philippe De Brabanter, Neftali Villanueva Fernandez, David Nicolas. Deferential Utterances. 2005. 〈ijn_00000575〉
  • David Nicolas. Conversions of count nouns into mass nouns in French: the roles of semantic and pragmatic factors in their interpretations. 2002. 〈ijn_00000623v2〉