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Article dans une revue2 documents

  • Daniel Barlet. Two semi-coninuity results for the algebraic dimension of compact complex manifolds.. J. Math. Sci. Univ. Tokyo, 2015, 22 (1), p.39-54. <Univertity of Tokyo>. <hal-00974950>
  • Daniel Barlet, Teresa Monteiro Fernandes. Grauert's theorem for subanalytic open sets in real analytic manifolds. Studia Mathematica, INSTYTUT MATEMATYCZNY * POLSKA AKADEMIA NAUK, 2011, 204, p. 265-274. <hal-00555649>

Pré-publication, Document de travail16 documents

  • Daniel Barlet. Note on the quasi-proper direct image with value in a Banach analytic set. 2016. <hal-01367281>
  • Daniel Barlet. Meromorphic quotients for some holomorphic G-actions (version 2 bis). seconde version, avec le cas G = KAK et date corrigée. 2016. <hal-01276138v2>
  • Daniel Barlet. Meromorphic quotients for some holomorphic G-actions (version 2). This second version is corrected, a G = KAK case is added and some relations between both quotie.. 2016. <hal-01271234>
  • Daniel Barlet. Note on rational 1−dimensional compact cycles.. The version 1 of this Note is not correct. Comments and/or questions on this new version are welc.. 2016. <hal-01338212v2>
  • Daniel Barlet. Note on the semi-continuity of the algebraic dimension. 2016. <hal-01377622v2>
  • Daniel Barlet. Strongly quasi-proper maps and the f-flattning theorem. 2015. <hal-01139915>
  • Daniel Barlet. A note on some fiber-integrals. 2015. <hal-01242042>
  • Daniel Barlet. Meromorphic quotients for some holomorphic G-actions. 2015. <hal-01151383>
  • Daniel Barlet. Feuilletage a feuilles compactes. 2015. <hal-01175721>
  • Daniel Barlet. Finiteness of the space of n−cycles for a n−concave complex space. 2015. <hal-01184765>
  • Daniel Barlet. Holomorphic families of $[\lambda]-$primitive themes. 2015. <hal-01184022>
  • Daniel Barlet. Some examples due to H. Hironaka. Some more explanations and comments added. 2015. <hal-01100081v2>
  • Daniel Barlet. Algebraic differential equations associated to some polynomials. 20 pages. Quelques améliorations et corrections. 2014. <hal-00827514v2>
  • Daniel Barlet. Complement to algebraic differential equations .... 11 pages ; complète l'étude commencée dans le preprint : Algebraic differential equations associa.. 2014. <hal-00951591>
  • Daniel Barlet. Asymptotics of a vanishing period : characterization of semi-simplicity. 2013. <hal-00783046>
  • Daniel Barlet. Singularites reelles isolees et developpements asymptotiques d'integrales oscillantes. 2003. <hal-00013291>

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)1 document

  • Daniel Barlet, Jon I. Magnusson. Cycles analytiques complexes I : théorèmes de préparation des cycles. Miermont G. SMF, 22, 2014, Cours Spécialisés, Marc PEIGNE, 978-2-85629-792-6. <hal-01286671>