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    2014    "Marc Muselli"   

    Journal articles3 documents

    • Cyril Voyant, Wani Tamas, Marie Laure Nivet, Gilles Notton, Christophe Paoli, et al.. Meteorological time series forecasting with pruned multi-layer perceptron and 2-stage Levenberg-Marquardt method. International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control, Inderscience, 2014. ⟨hal-01020794⟩
    • Cyril Voyant, Pierrick Haurant, Marc Muselli, Christophe Paoli, Marie Laure Nivet. Time series modeling and large scale global solar radiation forecasting from geostationary satellites data. Solar Energy, Elsevier, 2014. ⟨hal-00932955⟩
    • Cyril Voyant, Gilles Notton, Christophe Paoli, Marie Laure Nivet, Marc Muselli, et al.. Numerical weather prediction or stochastic modeling: an objective criterion of choice for the global radiation forecasting. International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy, Inderscience, 2014. ⟨hal-00934872⟩

    Conference papers2 documents

    • Cyril Voyant, Marie Laure Nivet, Christophe Paoli, Marc Muselli, Gilles Notton. Meteorological time series forecasting based on MLP modelling using heterogeneous transfer functions. International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences 2014, Aug 2014, Madrid, Spain. ⟨hal-00984948⟩
    • Cédric Join, Cyril Voyant, Michel Fliess, Marc Muselli, Marie-Laure Nivet, et al.. Short-term solar irradiance and irradiation forecasts via different time series techniques: A preliminary study. 3rd International Symposium on Environment-Friendly Energies and Applications, EFEA 2014, Nov 2014, Paris, France. ⟨hal-01068569⟩