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  • Lauren E. Walker, Damir Janigro, Uwe Heinemann, Raili Riikonen, Christophe Bernard, et al.. WONOEP appraisal: Molecular and cellular biomarkers for epilepsy. Epilepsia, Wiley, 2016, 57 (9), pp.1354-1362. <10.1111/epi.13460>. <hal-01431291>
  • Christophe Bernard. Understanding and Predicting Epilepsy [Life Sciences]. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2016, 33 (4), pp.90-95. <10.1109/MSP.2016.2554632>. <hal-01431272>
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  • Christophe Bernard. The Diathesis-Epilepsy Model: How Past Events Impact the Development of Epilepsy and Comorbidities. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine, 2016, 6 (6), <10.1101/cshperspect.a022418>. <hal-01431275>
  • Sebastien Naze, Christophe Bernard, Viktor Jirsa. Computational Modeling of Seizure Dynamics Using Coupled Neuronal Networks: Factors Shaping Epileptiform Activity. PLoS Computational Biology, Public Library of Science, 2015, 11 (e1004209), <10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004209>. <hal-01213349>
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  • Roustem Khazipov, Monique Esclapez, Olivier Caillard, Christophe Bernard, Ilgam Khalilov, et al.. Early development of neuronal activity in the primate hippocampus in utero.. Journal of Neuroscience, Society for Neuroscience, 2001, 21 (24), pp.9770-81. <inserm-00484885>
  • Rosa Cossart, June Hirsch, Robert Cannon, Céline Dinoncourt, Howard Wheal, et al.. Distribution of spontaneous currents along the somato-dendritic axis of rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons.. Neuroscience, Elsevier - International Brain Research Organization, 2000, 99 (4), pp.593-603. <inserm-00484937>
  • Rosa Cossart, Monique Esclapez, June Hirsch, Christophe Bernard, Yehezkel Ben-Ari. GluR5 kainate receptor activation in interneurons increases tonic inhibition of pyramidal cells.. Nature Neuroscience, Nature Publishing Group, 1998, 1 (6), pp.470-8. <10.1038/2185>. <inserm-00487305>

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  • Denis Duhamel, Christophe Bernard. Viscosité dans les fluides.. Faire une mesure en mécanique., Presses des Ponts, pp.207, 2014. <hal-01004667>

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  • Sébastien Naze, Christophe Bernard, Viktor Jirsa. Modeling epileptic dynamics in the hippocampus using a multiscale approach. Gennady S Cymbalyuk and Astrid A Prinz. Twenty Second Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS*2013, Jul 2013, paris, France. Biomed Central, 14 (Suppl 1), pp.P194, 2013. <inserm-00842296>