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Christine Morin

"Stéphane Billiart"   

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  • Akhil Sahai, Stéphane Billiart, Christine Morin. A Portable and Mobile Manager for Distributed System Management. Proc. of third Joint Conference on Information Sciences, 1997, Raleigh, USA, United States. pp.34--37. ⟨hal-01271169⟩
  • Akhil Sahai, Stéphane Billiart, Christine Morin. Astrolog : a Distributed and Dynamic Environment for Network and System Management. Proc. of first European Information Infrastructure User Conference, 1997, Stuttgart, Germany. pp.221--228. ⟨hal-01271170⟩
  • Akhil Sahai, Christine Morin, Stéphane Billiart. Intelligent Agents for a Mobile Network Manager (MNM). Proceedings of the IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Networks and Intelligence in Networks (2IN'97), Sep 1997, Paris, France. pp.449--463. ⟨hal-01271168⟩