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Christine Morin

"Oscar David Sánchez"   

Journal articles1 document

  • Massimo Coppola, Yvon Jégou, Brian Matthews, Christine Morin, Luis Pablo Prieto, et al.. Virtual Organization Support within a Grid-wide Operating System. IEEE Internet Computing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2008, 12 (2), pp.20-28. ⟨hal-01271144⟩

Conference papers3 documents

  • Yvon Jégou, Sylvain Jeuland, Oscar David Sanchez, Christine Morin. Support d'organisations virtuelles au sein d'un système d'exploitation pour la grilles. Actes de RenPar'18, 2008, Fribourg, Switzerland. ⟨hal-01272392⟩
  • Christine Morin, Yvon Jégou, Adrien Lebre, Thierry Priol, Oscar David Sanchez, et al.. A Grid Operating System Providing Native Virtual Organization Support. E-Sciences 2007 conference, 2007, Bangalore, India. ⟨hal-01272397⟩
  • Erica Y. Yang, Brian Matthews, Amit Lakhani, Yvon Jégou, Christine Morin, et al.. Virtual Organization Management in XtreemOS: an Overview. CoreGRID Symposium, 2007, Rennes, France. ⟨hal-01271193⟩

Other publications1 document

  • Oscar David Sanchez, Paulo Costa, Gregor Pipan, Christine Morin. Opportunities and Issues for EU Research Projects in Open Source Software: the XtreemOS Approach. 2008. ⟨hal-01272393⟩