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CV de Charles Rocabert

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  • Charles Rocabert, Carole Knibbe, Jessika Consuegra, Dominique Schneider, Guillaume Beslon. In Silico Experimental Evolution Highlights the Influence of Environmental Seasonality on Bacterial Diversification. 2nd EvoEvo Workshop, satellite workshop of CCS2016, Sep 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2016. <hal-01375677>
  • Jérôme Gippet, Serge Fenet, Adeline Dumet, Bernard Kaufmann, Charles Rocabert. MoRIS: Model of Routes of Invasive Spread. Human-mediated dispersal, road network and invasion parameters. 5th International Conference on Ecology and Transportation: Integrating Transport Infrastructures with Living Landscapes, Aug 2016, Lyon, France. Proceedings of the IENE 2016 conference. <hal-01412280>
  • Charles Rocabert, Carole Knibbe, Guillaume Beslon. Towards a Integrated Evolutionary Model to Study Evolution of Evolution. EvoEvo Workshop (Satellite workshop of ECAL 2015), Jul 2015, York, United Kingdom. <hal-01252796>
  • Jérôme Gippet, Charles Rocabert, Serge Fenet, Adeline Dumet, Bernard Kaufmann. Modeling and evaluating human-mediated dispersal mechanisms at landscape scale: a study of road network and invasion parameters for Lasius neglectus ants invasive species. World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling, Jul 2015, Bordeaux, France. <hal-01242828v2>