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CV Cécile Ouvrier-Buffet

Research topics 

- mathematics education, didactic of mathematics, epistemology

- problem solving, inquiry-based education - proving processes etc.

- defining processes in mathematics

- features of the teaching and the learning of discrete mathematics

- mathematical learning disabilities



"Cécile de Hosson"   

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  • Cécile Ouvrier-Buffet, Robin Bosdeveix, Cécile de Hosson. Inquiry-Based Education (IBE) : Towards an Analysing Tool to Characterise and Analyse Inquiry Processes in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The Didactics of Mathematics: Approaches and Issues : A Homage to Michèle Artigue, 2016, 978-3-319-26046-4 978-3-319-26047-1. ⟨hal-02141133⟩