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CV Carlos Simpson

Article dans une revue7 documents

  • Samer Allouch, Carlos Simpson. Classification des matrices associées aux catégories finies. Cahiers de topologie et géométrie différentielle catégoriques, 2015, LV, pp.205-240. 〈hal-01292875〉
  • Ludmil Katzarkov, Alexander Noll, Pandit Pranav, Carlos Simpson. Harmonic maps to buildings and singular perturbation theory. Communications in Mathematical Physics, Springer Verlag, 2015, 336 (2), pp.853-903. 〈10.1007/s00220-014-2276-6〉. 〈hal-01292879〉
  • Abdelkrim Aliouche, Carlos Simpson. Common fixtures of several maps on 2-metric spaces. Indian Journal of Mathematics, The Allahabad Mathematical Society, 2014, Special Volume Dedicated to Professor Billy E. Rhoades, 56 (2), pp.229-262. 〈hal-01292866〉
  • Nicole Mestrano, Carlos Simpson. Seminatural bundles of rank two, degree one and $c_2=10$ on a quintic surface. Kyoto Journal of Mathematics, Duke University Press, 2013, 53 (1), pp.155-195. 〈hal-00669217〉
  • Abdelkrim Aliouche, Carlos Simpson. Fixed points and lines in 2-metric spaces. Advances in Mathematics, Elsevier, 2012, 229 (1), pp.668-690. 〈hal-00467238v3〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Local systems on proper algebraic V-manifolds. Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly, International Press, 2011, 7, pp.1675-1760. 〈hal-00539971〉
  • Nicole Mestrano, Carlos Simpson. Obstructed bundles of rank two on a quintic surface. International Journal of Mathematics, World Scientific Publishing, 2011, 22 (6), pp.789-836. 〈10.1142/S0129167X11007045〉. 〈hal-00414445v4〉

Communication dans un congrès1 document

  • Ludmil Katzarkov, Alexander Noll, Pranav Pandit, Carlos Simpson. Constructing Buildings and Harmonic Maps. Algèbre, Géométrie et Physique : une conférence en l'honneur de Maxim Kontsevitch , Jun 2014, Paris, France. Conférence anniversaire de Maxim Kontsevich. 〈hal-01331629〉

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)1 document

  • Carlos Simpson. Homotopy theory of higher categories. Cambridge University Press, 19, 2011, New mathematical monographs, 9780521516952. 〈hal-00449826〉

Chapitre d'ouvrage2 documents

  • Nicole Mestrano, Carlos Simpson. Moduli of sheaves. Development of Moduli Theory---Kyoto 2013, 69, pp.77-172, 2016, Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics. 〈hal-01298535〉
  • Frank Loray, Masa-Hiko Saito, Carlos Simpson. Foliations on the moduli space of rank two connections on the projective line minus four points. D. Bertrand, Ph. Boalch, J.-M. Couveignes, P. Dèbes. Geometric and differential Galois theories, Société Mathématique de France, pp.115-168, 2013, Séminaires et Congrès n° 27. 〈hal-00547446v2〉

Pré-publication, Document de travail24 documents

  • Carlos Simpson. An explicit view of the Hitchin fibration on the Betti side for P1 minus 5 points. 2017. 〈hal-01473602v2〉
  • Carlos Simpson. The dual boundary complex of the $SL_2$ character variety of a punctured sphere. 2016. 〈hal-01331631〉
  • Nicole Mestrano, Carlos T. Simpson. Irreducibility of the moduli space of stable vector bundles of rank two and odd degree on a very general quintic surface. Adds a review of initial cases. 2016. 〈hal-00788692v4〉
  • Adrian Langer, Carlos Simpson. Rank 3 rigid representations of projective fundamental groups. 2016. 〈hal-01335367〉
  • Ludmil Katzarkov, Alexander Noll, Pandit Pranav, Carlos Simpson. Constructing Buildings and Harmonic Maps. 2016. 〈hal-01335377〉
  • Abdelkrim Aliouche, Carlos Simpson. Approximate categorical structures. 2015. 〈hal-01335387〉
  • Carlos Simpson. The dual boundary complex of the $SL_2$ character variety of a punctured sphere. 2015. 〈hal-01335381〉
  • Philippe Eyssidieux, Carlos Simpson. Variations of Mixed Hodge Structure attached to the deformation theory of a Complex Variation of Hodge Structures. IF_PREPUB. 2009. 〈hal-00361369〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Geometricity of the Hodge filtration on the $\infty$-stack of perfect complexes over $X_{DR}$. 2008. 〈hal-00011204v2〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Iterated destabilizing modifications for vector bundles with connection. 2008. 〈hal-00348159〉
  • Kevin Corlette, Carlos Simpson. On the classification of rank two representations of quasiprojective fundamental groups. minor changes in exposition, citations. 2007. 〈hal-00130283v2〉
  • Jaya Iyer, Carlos Simpson. Regulators of canonical extensions are torsion: the smooth divisor case. 2007. 〈hal-00159418v2〉
  • Jaya Iyer, Carlos Simpson. The Chern character of a parabolic bundle, and a parabolic Reznikov theorem in the case of finite order at infinity. Adds and corrects references. 2007. 〈hal-00118656v2〉
  • Carlos Simpson. A weight two phenomenon for the moduli of rank one local systems on open varieties. 2007. 〈hal-00179373〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Katz's middle convolution algorithm. Submitted to Pure and Applied Math Quarterly, Hirzebruch issue. v2 corrects some history and adds.. 2006. 〈hal-00107120v2〉
  • Jaya Iyer, Carlos Simpson. A relation between the parabolic Chern characters of the de Rham bundles. corrections and references. 2006. 〈hal-00021918v2〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Files for Gabriel-Zisman localization. 2005. 〈hal-00005547〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Explaining Gabriel-Zisman localization to the computer. 2005. 〈hal-00005549〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Set-theoretical mathematics in Coq. Comes with a tar archive containing updated versions of the Coq proof files which were previously.. 2004. 〈hal-00118006〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Computer theorem proving in math. 2004. 〈hal-00000842v2〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Formalized proof, computation, and the construction problem in algebraic geometry. 2004. 〈hal-00003021〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Asymptotics for general connections at infinity. My talk at the Ramis conference, Toulouse, September 2003. 2003. 〈hal-00000898〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Some properties of the theory of n-categories. 2001. 〈hal-00118005〉
  • Carlos Simpson. Calculating maps between n-categories. not too long. 2000. 〈hal-00118004〉