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Can CUI: PhD student in 1st year in speech processing

PhD Student · Inria · CDD

Thesis in preparation: Joint embedded speech separation, diarization and recognition for the automatic generation of meeting minutes.

The automatic generation of meeting minutes thus involves solving a set of tasks: i) segmenting the signal according to the number of speakers and who is speaking at each time (diarisation), ii) separating overlapping speech signals [3] and enhancing them with respect to ambient noise and reverberation, iii) ensuring the robustness of ASR with respect to diarization errors and signal distortions introduced by separation and enhancement, and iv) removing disfluencies from the word-for-word transcription in order to obtain readable minutes. The objective of this PhD is to design a system which can jointly address the first three tasks given a single-channel or a multichannel signal and which can be embedded in a device with limited computing power (for example a mobile phone), while being able to compete with current Cloud-based technologies.


AI Intern · Orange · Stage

Direction: Cognitive Computing Competence Center (CCIC) within the Information System Department (DSI)

Subject: Detection of weak signals within customer conversations in a call center

Mission: Analysis of voice conversations

Activities: Transformation and construction of abstract and extractive summaries; Classifications of conversations with regard to the emotions within the conversations; Extraction of themes from conversations


Sorbonne University 

Master in language and computer science


Sorbonne University

Master in Linguistics