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Robisson Bruno


Adress : Cité des énergies, Bât 980, CEA Cadarache, 13108 Saint-Paul Lez Durance, France 

E-mail :

Phone : +33(0)442253741

Data bases :linkedinGoogle scholar 



• 2020/07 – ... : Researcher at Commissariat à l'Energie Atomiques et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA), CEA-Liten/DTS, Researcher in the Photovoltaics Laboratory

• 2016/10 – 2020/06 : Researcher at Commissariat à l'Energie Atomiques et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA), CEA-Tech Region institute, Researcher in the Photovoltaics Laboratory 

• 2013/04 – 2016/09 : Researcher at Commissariat à l'Energie Atomiques et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA), CEA-Tech Region institute, head of the team “ Secure Architectures and Systems ”(  SAS )

• 2010 – 2013/04 : Researcher at CEA-Leti institute, deputy director of SAS

• 2001 – 2010 : Researcher at CEA-Leti institute 



• 2012: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches - “ Protection of integrated circuits against physical attacks ” - Paris VI - 12 december 2012 at Paris

• 2001: PhD in computer science - “ Scientific discovery of power electronics circuits ” - Paris VI - 21 september 2001 at Paris 

• 1998: Master of science – “ Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Applications ” - Paris VI 

• 1997: “ Agrégation ” (French teaching grade) of electrical engineering - ENS Cachan 


Skills and expertise

• Electric Vehicle (EV) Grid Integration, Smart Charging, e-mobility market 

• Electricity market, electricity balancing market, grid codes

• Solar photovoltaics

• Design of systems secure against physical attacks 

• Modeling and simulation of physical systems 

• Computer science, artificial intelligence 

• Electronics, electrotechnics, automation 


PhD students

• Charly Boudot, "Innovative nuclear systems: new strategies for the grid reliability"  with Y. Besanger (Grenoble-INP), J.-B. Droin (CEA) and P. Sciora (CEA). Forecasted in october 2023

• Florian Selot, "Formalisation and simulation of the french electric grid balancing mecanism"  with C. Vagliot-Gaudard (CEA) and J. Gil-Quijano (CEA). Forecasted in october 2022.

• Thierno Barry, "Securing Software Against Fault Attacks at Compile Time"  with D. Couroussé (CEA). Defended the 24 november 2017 in Grenoble.

• Clément Champeix, “ Securing integrated circuits against laser fault injection ” with J.-M. Dutertre (ENSMSE) and M. Lisart (STMicroelectronics). Defended the 15 december 2016 at Gardanne.

• Ingrid Exurville, “ Non intrusive detection of hardware Trojan ” with J.-B. Rigaud (ENSMSE). Defended the 30 october 2015 at Gardanne.

• Nicolas Moro, “ Securing assembly code against fault attacks “  with E. Encrenaz-Tiphene (LIP6) and Karine Heydemann (LIP6). Defended the 13 november 2014 at Paris.

• Loïc Zussa, “ Analysis of faults created by timing violation and enabling the physical cryptanalysis of secure circuits ” with A. Tria (CEA) and J.-M. Dutertre (ENSMSE). Defended the 10 october 2014 at Gardanne.

• François Poucheret, “  Methods and tools for electromagnetic fault injections ” with Ph. Maurine (LIRMM) defended the 23 november 2012 at Montpellier.

• Minh Huu Nguyen, “ Protection of processors against fault and side channel attacks  ” with N. Drach-Temam (LIP6) defended the 21 september 2011 at Paris. 

• Selma Laabidi, “ Design methods to protect integrated circuits against correlation attacks ” with Ph. Collot (ENSMSE) defended the19 janvier 2010 at Gardanne. 



• 2010- 2021 : Mines de Saint-Etienne Engineer school, 3th year cycle ISMIN (Design of Computer Systems option), course “  Simulation d’entretien de recrutement “  (6h) 

• 2009- 2016 : Mines de Saint-Etienne Engineer school, 3th year cycle ISMIN (Mobility and Security option), course “ Side channel and fault attacks“  (15h)

• 2005-today: Mines de Saint-Etienne Engineer school, 1st year cycle ICM (Micro-electronics option), course “  VLSI design“  (7h) 

• 2009: Mines de Saint-Etienne Engineer school, continuing education, course “Side channel and fault attacks” (20h) 

• 2007: Mines de Saint-Etienne Engineer school, Master SISA, course “  Side channel and fault attacks” (28h) 

• 2005: Mines de Saint-Etienne Engineer school, 2nd year cycle ISMEA, laboratory “ FPGA programming“  (15h) 

• 1998-2001: Pierre et Marie Curie university, 1st et 2nd year MIAS, laboratory and course “  Assembly Langage , Algorithmic et Visual Basic “  (92h/year)


Conference papers2 documents

  • Paolo Maistri, Régis Leveugle, Lilian Bossuet, Alain Aubert, Viktor Fischer, et al.. ElectroMagnetic Analysis and Fault Injection onto Secure Circuits. VLSI-SoC: Very Large Scale Integration - System-on-Chip, Oct 2014, Mexico, Mexico. ⟨10.1109/VLSI-SoC.2014.7004182⟩. ⟨emse-01099025⟩
  • Amine Dehbaoui, Jean-Max Dutertre, Bruno Robisson, Assia Tria. Investigation of Near-Field Pulsed EMI at IC Level. Asia-Pacific International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility, May 2013, Melbourne, Australia. ⟨cea-01097120⟩