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  • A. Lo, F. Frat, E. Domingues, A. Lacour, B. Lecordier, et al.. Nanosecond pulsed discharge in a propane-air mixture: Ignition and energy deposition. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Elsevier, 2017, 36 (3), pp.4087-4094. 〈10.1016/j.proci.2016.07.071〉. 〈hal-01611157〉
  • A. Lo, A. Cessou, C. Lacour, B. Lecordier, P. Boubert, et al.. Streamer-to-spark transition initiated by a nanosecond overvoltage pulsed discharge in air. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2017, 26 (4), 〈10.1088/1361-6595/aa5c78〉. 〈hal-01611261〉
  • Thomas Earl, Young Jin Jeon, Bertrand Lecordier, Laurent David. F2DPR: a fast and robust cross-correlation technique for volumetric PIV. Measurement Science and Technology, IOP Publishing, 2016, 27 (8), pp.084007. 〈10.1088/0957-0233/27/8/084007〉. 〈hal-01611246〉
  • Saravanan Balusamy, Armelle Cessou, Bertrand Lecordier. Laminar propagation of lean premixed flames ignited in stratified mixture. Combustion and Flame, Elsevier, 2014, 161 (2), pp.427--437. 〈10.1016/j.combustflame.2013.08.023〉. 〈hal-01612391〉
  • Daniel Allano, Mokrane Malek, Françoise Walle, Frédéric Corbin, Gilles Godard, et al.. Three-dimensional velocity near-wall measurements by digital in-line holography: calibration and results. Applied optics, Optical Society of America, 2013, 52 (1), pp.A9-A17. 〈10.1364/AO.52.0000A9〉. 〈hal-01657641〉
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  • Nathalie Pasquier, Bertrand Lecordier, Michel Trinite, Armelle Cessou. An experimental investigation of flame propagation through a turbulent stratified mixture. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Elsevier, 2007, 31, pp.1567-1574. 〈10.1016/j.proci.2006.07.118〉. 〈hal-00638764〉
  • Wenceslas Kosiwczuk, Armelle Cessou, Michel Trinite, Bertrand Lecordier. Simultaneous velocity field measurements in two-phase flows for turbulent mixing of sprays by means of two-phase PIV. Experiments in Fluids, Springer Verlag (Germany), 2005, 39 (5), pp.895-908. 〈10.1007/s00348-005-0027-3〉. 〈hal-00638765〉
  • Bertrand Lecordier, David Demare, L. M. J. Vervisch, Julien Reveillon, Michel Trinite. Estimation of the accuracy of PIV treatments for turbulent flow studies by direct numerical simulation of multi-phase flow. Measurement Science and Technology, IOP Publishing, 2001, 12 (9), pp.1382-1391. 〈10.1088/0957-0233/12/9/302〉. 〈hal-00638771〉
  • Michel Trinite, Bertrand Lecordier. Special feature: EUROMECH colloquium on 3C stereo and holographic PIV application to turbulence measurements. Measurement Science and Technology, IOP Publishing, 2001, 12 (9), pp.U3-U3. 〈hal-00638770〉
  • David Honoré, Bertrand Lecordier, A. Susset, D. Jaffre, M. Perrin, et al.. Time-resolved particle image velocimetry in confined bluff-body burner flames. Experiments in Fluids, Springer Verlag (Germany), 2000, 29, pp.S248-S254. 〈10.1007/s003480070027〉. 〈hal-00638773〉
  • C. Maurey, Armelle Cessou, Bertrand Lecordier, Denis Stepowski. Statistical flow dynamic properties conditioned on the oscillating stabilization location of turbulent lifted flame. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Elsevier, 2000, 28, pp.545-551. 〈hal-00638772〉
  • Bertrand Lecordier, M. Mouqallid, S. Vottier, E. Rouland, Daniel Allano, et al.. CCD RECORDING METHOD FOR CROSS-CORRELATION PIV DEVELOPMENT IN UNSTATIONARY HIGH-SPEED FLOW. Experiments in Fluids, Springer Verlag (Germany), 1994, 17 (3), pp.205-208. 〈hal-00638760〉

Communication dans un congrès3 documents

  • Bertrand Lecordier, Corine Lacour, Carole Gobin, Armelle Cessou, Benoit Tremblais, et al.. Tomographic PIV study of lifted flames in turbulent Axisymmetric jets of methane. 16th Int Symp on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Jul 2012, Portugal. pp.377, 2012. 〈hal-00910381〉
  • Camille Hespel, Jean-Bernard Blaisot, Xandra Margot, S. Patouna, Armelle Cessou, et al.. Influence of Nozzle geometry on spray shape, particle size, spray velocity and Air entrainment of high pressure Diesel spray. THIESEL 2010 - Conference on Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines, Sep 2010, Valencia, Spain. pp.383-394, 2010. 〈hal-00602220〉
  • L. David, D. Calluaud, B. Lecordier. Pinhole model with linear misalignment corrections. Worldwide PIV Challenge 05, Pasadena, USA, 2005., 2005, United States. 2005. 〈hal-00017657〉

Ouvrage (y compris édition critique et traduction)3 documents

  • A. Petracci, C. W. H. Doorne, J. Westerweel, Bertrand Lecordier. Analysis of stereoscopic PIV measurements using synthetic PIV images. Springer, pp.199-210, 2004. 〈hal-00638767〉
  • Bertrand Lecordier, J. Westerweel. The EUROPIV syntheetic image generator (SIG). Springer, pp.145-161, 2004. 〈hal-00638768〉
  • Bertrand Lecordier, Michel Trinite. Advanced PIV algorithms with image distortion validation and comparison using synthetic images of turbulent flow. Springer, pp.115-132, 2004. 〈hal-00638769〉

Rapport1 document

  • David Honoré, Bertrand Lecordier, Michel Trinité, François Lusseyran, Thierry Faure, et al.. PLIV: Particle Large-Image Velocimatry - Développement de méthodes de traitements avancées adaptées à la réalisation de mesure PIV grand champ. [Research Report] 2005. 〈hal-00954121〉