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Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre


  Bénédicte Lavaud-Legenre's research is characterized by a permanent confrontation between the applicable norm in the field of human trafficking and its reception by legal actors or by victims of exploitation. They are based on different fields with these two categories of people. The researcher's previous professional experience (as a lawyer and legal practitioner working with victims of trafficking) gives him or her access to hard-to-reach audiences such as perpetrators and victims of trafficking. They also benefit from contacts with actors responsible for implementing the norm. In addition, it has undertaken a review of case law condemning acts of trafficking in human beings. This work, which is time-consuming due to the lack of a database, is proving to be extremely rich. The diversity of these sources of information proves to be very valuable in all the fields covered: the modus operandi of the perpetrators of these criminal practices, the access of victims (adults and minors) to protection mechanisms, cooperation between legal actors (State and associations, but also between State actors at the international level), and the reception of texts by these actors. These various sources support the work carried out on the effectiveness of the standards in force and the improvement of the resources devoted to the fight against criminal organisations that exploit those who are prepared to do anything to be able to migrate.

Cécile Plessard    Gaëlle Encrenaz   

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  • Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre, Cécile Plessard, Gaëlle Encrenaz. Prostitution de mineures – Quelles réalités sociales et juridiques ?. [Rapport de recherche] Université de Bordeaux (UB); CNRS - COMPTRASEC UMR 5114. 2020. ⟨hal-02983869⟩