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Vincent Battesti, social anthropologist

Vincent Battesti (1970-)born in Le Havre, France, holds a doctorate in Social Anthropology (Univ. Sorbonne, Paris). His background also includes a Master in Biology/terrestrial Ecology. For more than twenty years he travels and does fieldworks in North Africa and Middle East. Researcher in social anthropology at the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center), his office is at Musée de l'Homme (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris: lab. UMR 7206 Éco-anthropology, in which he co-leads the Ethnoecology team.

Among other positions, he was researcher at CEDEJ in Cairo (2002-2006), has been visiting scholar at Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, New York University (2012-2015), and then at the Department of Anthropology of Columbia University, New York (2015-2016). His main fields of research are in Ethnoecology  as a specialist of oasis ecosystemscurrently working on an ethnoecology of Siwa oasis, Egypt, and since 2019 leading two projects in al-Ulā oasis, Saudi Arabia.

He did research in urban anthropology, especially on public spaces in Cairo, Egypt  and from there specialized on soundscapes, for an anthropology of sounds. This topic then took part of an new important theme of his work he called anthropology of sensory perceptions.

In 2018, started a new fieldwork in the Mediterranean island of Corsica, in a sub-region known as Castagniccia, on the long-term relationship of the local rural communities to their mountain landscape.

He published articles, chapters, and books (, and among them co-edited a 1.200 pages volumes (40 contributions) on contemporary Egypt (2011, Actes Sud/Sindbad), and three journal issues. He released in 2005 a book on North African oases (IRD Éditions), and is elaborating another on Siwa Oasis (Egypt). 

Vincent Battesti is also associate editor of Revue d’ethnoécologie journal.

His website:

"M. Tengberg"   

Journal articles1 document

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