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Aurélien Bénel – Software for human sense-making

Assistant professor, Computer science, Troyes university of technology (LIST3N lab, Tech-CICO team)


  • Software and Information Systems Engineering (Engineering school, Bachelor level)
    • Information system analysis (IF14)
  • Supporting Digital Transformation (Engineering school, Master level)
    • Document systems design (IF09)
  • Innovating through Software (Engineering school, Master level)
    • Service-oriented architectures (LO10) – REST APIs
    • Agile methods for software quality (IF05)
  • Socio-technical Systems (Doctorate level)
    • Research methods and tools (BSST1) – Epistemology


Topic: Software technologies for intellectual work instrumentation

Experimentation fields

  • Archaeology at the French School in Athens and Toulouse II University,
  • Sociology at Liège University,
  • Translation at ENS Lyon, Korea University and University of Brasilia,
  • Corporate knowledge management at ABB, EDF, ANDRA...

Research outputs

Open-source software, maintained as part of the Hypertopic suite

  • Participative and debate plarforms:
  • Software infrastructure:
    • for picture corpora management: Steatite (documentationsources),
    • for contradictory\complementary categories management: Argos (sources) and Hypertopic/lib-node (sources),
    • for requests authentification, authorization and accounting: AAAforREST (sources).

Scientific communities (as a reviewer)

  • Digital humanities,
  • Digital document,
  • Knowledge engineering,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Computer-supported cooperative work,
  • Computer-Human Interaction.

Michel Beigbeder    Pierre-Antoine Champin   

Conference papers2 documents

  • Rocio Abascal, Michel Beigbeder, Aurélien Bénel, Sylvie Calabretto, Bertrand Chabbat, et al.. Documents à structures multiples. SETIT'2004, Sciences of Electronic, Technology of Information and Telecommunications, Mar 2004, Sousse, Tunisie. ⟨emse-00949199⟩
  • Rocio Abascal, Michel Beigbeder, Aurélien Bénel, Sylvie Calabretto, Bertrand Chabbat, et al.. Modéliser la structuration multiple des documents. H2PTM'2003, Hypermedias, Hypertexts, Products, Tools and Methods, Sep 2003, Paris, France. 4p. ⟨emse-00949192⟩