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Aurélien Bénel – Software for human sense-making

Assistant professor, Computer science, Troyes university of technology (LIST3N lab, Tech-CICO team)


  • Software and Information Systems Engineering (Engineering school, Bachelor level)
    • Information system analysis (IF14)
  • Supporting Digital Transition (Engineering school, Master level)
    • Document systems design (IF09)
  • Innovating through Software (Engineering school, Master level)
    • Service-oriented architectures (LO10) – REST APIs
    • Agile methods for software quality (IF05)
  • Socio-technical Systems (Doctorate level)
    • Research methods and tools (BSST1) – Epistemology


Topic: Software technologies for intellectual work instrumentation

Experimentation fields

  • Archaeology at the French School in Athens and Toulouse II University,
  • Sociology at Liège University,
  • Translation at ENS Lyon, Korea University and University of Brasilia,
  • Corporate knowledge management at ABB, EDF, ANDRA...

Research outputs

Open-source software, maintained as part of the Hypertopic suite

  • Participative and debate plarforms:
  • Software infrastructure:
    • for picture corpora management: Steatite (documentationsources),
    • for contradictory\complementary categories management: Argos (sources) and Hypertopic/lib-node (sources),
    • for requests authentification, authorization and accounting: AAAforREST (sources).

Scientific communities (as a reviewer)

  • Digital humanities,
  • Digital document,
  • Knowledge engineering,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Computer-supported cooperative work,
  • Computer-Human Interaction.

Matthieu Tixier   

Conference papers2 documents

  • Aurélien Bénel, Jean-Pierre Cahier, Matthieu Tixier. LaSuli : un outil pour le travail intellectuel. 14e colloque international sur le document électronique (CIDE.14), 2011, Rabat, Maroc. ⟨hal-02922392⟩
  • Myriam Lewkowicz, Michel Marcoccia, Hassan Atifi, Aurélien Bénel, Gérald Gaglio, et al.. Online Social Support: Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Approach for Studying and Designing Cooperative Computer-Mediated Solutions. The 8th International Conference on Designing Cooperative Systems, COOP 2008, 2008, Carry-le-Rouet, France. ⟨hal-02929818⟩

Book sections1 document

  • Matthieu Tixier, Myriam Lewkowicz, Michel Marcoccia, Hassan Atifi, Aurélien Bénel, et al.. Practices Analysis and Digital Platform Design: An Interdisciplinary Study of Social Support. Proceedings of COOP 2010, Springer, pp.309-329, 2010, ⟨10.1007/978-1-84996-211-7_17⟩. ⟨hal-02363392⟩