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  • Zibo Miao, Alain Sarlette. Discrete-time reservoir engineering with entangled bath and stabilising squeezed states. Quantum Science and Technology, IOP Science, 2017, 2 (3), pp.1-20. 〈10.1088/2058-9565/aa7ce8〉. 〈hal-01634586〉
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  • Simon Apers, Alain Sarlette. Accelerating consensus by spectral clustering and polynomial filters. IEEE transactions on control of network systems, IEEE, 2016. 〈hal-01093939〉
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  • Arnaud Browet, Julien Hendrickx, Alain Sarlette. Incompatibility boundaries for properties of community partitions. IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, IEEE, 2016. 〈hal-01395589〉
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  • Jing Dai, Yannick Phulpin, Alain Sarlette, Damien Ernst. Coordinated primary frequency control among non-synchronous systems connected by a multi-terminal high-voltage direct current grid. IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2012, 6 (2), pp.99 - 108. 〈10.1049/iet-gtd.2011.0312〉. 〈hal-00718233〉
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Communication dans un congrès17 documents

  • Arash Farnam, Alain Sarlette. String Stability towards Leader thanks to Asymmetric Bidirectional Controller. IFAC World congres 2017, Jul 2017, Toulouse, France. 2017, 〈10.1016/j.ifacol.2017.08.1673〉. 〈hal-01634578〉
  • Simon Apers, Francesco Ticozzi, Alain Sarlette. Bounding the convergence time of local probabilistic evolution. Frank Nielsen; Frédéric Barbaresco. Geometric Science of Information, Second International Conference, GSI 2017, Nov 2017, Paris, France. Springer, 10589, LNCS - Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 〈hal-01634611〉
  • Simon Apers, Alain Sarlette, Francesco Ticozzi. When Does Memory Speed-up Mixing?. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec 2017, Melbourne, Australia. 〈hal-01634630〉
  • Alain Sarlette, Mazyar Mirrahimi. Fault tolerant remote parity detection and entanglement stabilization. OMA-Quantum Information and Measurement, Apr 2017, Paris, France. 〈hal-01634629〉
  • Zhifei Zhang, Zhihao Ling, Alain Sarlette. Integral control on nonlinear spaces: two extensions. IFAC conference on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS), Aug 2016, Monterey, United States. 2016, 〈〉. 〈hal-01395593〉
  • Rémi Azouit, Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon. Adiabatic elimination for open quantum systems with effective Lindblad master equations. 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2016), Dec 2016, Las Vegas, NV, United States. 〈〉. 〈hal-01398460〉
  • R Azouit, Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon. Convergence and adiabatic elimination for a driven dissipative quantum harmonic oscillator. 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2015), Dec 2015, Osaka, Japan. 2015, Proceedings of the 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2015). 〈hal-01245092〉
  • Alain Sarlette. A Common Symmetrization Framework for Iterative (Linear) Maps. Nielsen, Frank and Barbaresco, Frédéric Geometric Science of Information, Second International Conference, GSI 2015, Oct 2015, Palaiseau, France. Springer Lecture Notes 2015, 〈10.1007/978-3-319-25040-3_73〉. 〈hal-01248787〉
  • Simon Apers, Alain Sarlette. Relations between quantum walks, open quantum walks, and lifted walks: the cycle graph. YQIS/IQFA workshop, Nov 2015, Paris Saclay, France. 〈hal-01248806〉
  • Philippe Campagne-Ibarcq, Pierre Six, Sébastien Jezouin, Landry Bretheau, Nathanaël Cottet, et al.. Unravelling quantum jumps by watching the fluorescence of a qubit. APS March meeting 2015, Mar 2015, San Antonio, Texas, United States. 2015, 〈〉. 〈hal-01126993〉
  • René Boel, Nicolae Marinica, Alain Sarlette. Leader-follower cooperative control paradigm with applications to urban traffic coordination control. European Control Conference, Jul 2015, Linz, Austria. Proceedings of the 14th European Control Conference. 〈hal-01248796〉
  • Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon. Exact solution for the evolution of a qubit under continuous measurement. International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Aug 2015, Beijing, China. 2015. 〈hal-01248801〉
  • Pierre Rouchon, Alain Sarlette. Contraction and stability analysis of steady-states for open quantum systems described by Lindblad differential equations. Decision and Control (CDC), 2013 IEEE 52nd Annual Conference on, Dec 2013, Firenze, Italy. pp.6568 - 6573, 2013, 〈10.1109/CDC.2013.6760928〉. 〈hal-00971495〉
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  • Jing Dai, Yannick Phulpin, Alain Sarlette, Damien Ernst. Voltage control in an HVDC system to share primary frequency reserves between non-synchronous areas. PSCC 2011, Aug 2011, Stockholm, Sweden. 8p., 2011. 〈hal-00656628〉
  • Mazyar Mirrahimi, Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon. Real-time synchronization feedbacks for single-atom frequency standards: V - and Λ-structure systems. 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control - CDC 2010, Dec 2010, Atlanta, United States. pp.5031-5036, 2010, 〈10.1109/CDC.2010.5716962〉. 〈hal-00576899〉
  • Rodolphe Sepulchre, Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon. Consensus in non-commutative spaces. 49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec 2010, Atlanta, United States. pp.6596-6601, 2010, 〈10.1109/CDC.2010.5717072〉. 〈hal-00576914〉

Poster1 document

  • Simon Apers, Alain Sarlette, Francesco Ticozzi. Fast Mixing with Quantum Walks vs. Classical Processes. Quantum Information Processing (QIP) 2017, Jan 2017, Seattle, United States. 〈hal-01395592〉

Pré-publication, Document de travail1 document

  • Alain Sarlette, Jean-Michel Raimond, Pierre Rouchon. Non-classical state stabilization in a cavity by reservoir engineering. soumis à Phys.Rev.Lett. 2010. 〈hal-00538033〉