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Antonio A. Casilli

I am a sociologist whose main research foci are social networks, digital platforms, future of work, automation and privacy. I have conducted surveys and fieldworks (notably in Europe, Asia, Russia and South America) and coordinated several international research projects. I am the co-founder of the DiPLab (Digital Platform Labor) research program and of ENDL (European Network on Digital Labor).

Institutional affiliations

I am a full professor of sociology at Telecom Paris, the telecommunications school of the Institute Polytechnique de Paris, and a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Institute on Innovation (i3), an institute of the French CNRS.

Since, 2007, as an associate researcher at the LACI-IIAC (Critical Interdisciplinary Anthropology Center of the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences), I have been facilitating the seminar “Studying Digital Cultures”. Additionally, I am a faculty fellow et the Nexa Center for Internet and Society (an institute of the Polytechnic University of Turin), as well as member of the Criticality of AI-based Systems at the Weizenbaum Institut Berlin and a scholarly affiliate at the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry (C2i2).




In addition to several scientific publications in French, English, and Italian, I am the  author of the award-winning En attendant les robots ([Waiting for Robots], Éditions du Seuil, 2019; Italian translation, Schiavi del clic, Feltrinelli, 2020), an inquiry into the working conditions of underpaid humans who make artificial intelligence possible. My previous books include: Trabajo, conocimiento y vigilancia ([Work, Knowledge, and Surveillance], Editorial del Estado, 2018), a collection of 5 essays on technology and society; Le phénomène “pro-ana” ([The ‘Pro-Ana Phenomenon); Presses des Mines, 2016; with P. Tubaro), a book about e-health, online censorship, and problematic speech in social networks.  Qu’est-ce que le digital labor? ([What is digital labor?], Editions de l’INA, 2015; with D. Cardon), an essay on how digital platforms change the way we work; Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy (Springer, 2014; with P. Tubaro and Y. Sarabi), a socio-computational pamphlet about the blurred lines between public and private in social media; Les liaisons numériques ([Digital relationships]; Éditions du Seuil, 2010), an investigation on how the Web reconfigures social behavior; Stop Mobbing (DeriveApprodi, 2000; reprint 2001), an inquiry into communicational violence in cognitive capitalism; La Fabbrica Libertina (Manifesto Libri, 1997; 2nd edition 2000), “a marxist/cyborg reading of the links between industrialism and sadism”.


Media features

A longtime regular commentator on French national radio, my research has been featured in international media (Le Monde, Libération, Il Corriere, Repubblica, France Télévisions, Arte, BBC, Wired, The Times of India). In 2020 I was the editorial adviser for “Invisibles – Les travailleurs du clic, a documentary series based on my research for the French public national television broadcaster France Televisions.

Books6 documents

Directions of work or proceedings1 document

  • Paola Tubaro, Louise Ryan, Antonio A. Casilli, Alessio d'Angelo. Recent ethical challenges in social network analysis. Social Networks, 67, Elsevier, pp.1-76, 2021, Research on social networks raises formidable ethical issues that often fall outside existing regulations and guidelines. Even standard informed consent and anonymization are difficult to implement with data about personal relationships. Today, state-of-the-art tools to collect, handle, and store personal data expose both researchers and participants to new risks. Political, military and corporate interests interfere with scientific priorities and practices, while legal and social ramifications of studies of personal ties and human networks come to the surface. The seven papers that form the special issue explore different aspects of ethical issues in contemporary social networks research. The special issue also includes a broad introduction by the guest editors and two invited comments. ⟨hal-03331307⟩

Journal articles43 documents

  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A Casilli. Who bears the burden of a pandemic? COVID-19 and the transfer of risk to digital platform workers. American Behavioral Scientist, SAGE Publications, 2022, ⟨10.1177/00027642211066027⟩. ⟨hal-03369291⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Marion Coville, Clément Le Ludec, Antonio A Casilli. Hidden inequalities: the gendered labour of women on micro-tasking platforms. Internet Policy Review, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, 2022, The gender of the platform economy, 11 (1), ⟨10.14763/2022.1.1623⟩. ⟨hal-03551747⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Louise Ryan, Antonio A. Casilli, Alessio D’angelo. Social network analysis: New ethical approaches through collective reflexivity. Introduction to the special issue of Social Networks. Social Networks, Elsevier, 2021, Recent ethical challenges in social network analysis, 67, pp.1-8. ⟨10.1016/j.socnet.2020.12.001⟩. ⟨hal-03090287⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Da classe virtual aos trabalhadores do clique: a transformação do trabalho em serviço na era das plataformas digitais. MATRIZes, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Comunicação da Universidade de São Paulo, 2020, 14 (1), pp.13-21. ⟨10.11606/issn.1982-8160.v14i1p13-21⟩. ⟨halshs-02882791⟩
  • Clément Le Ludec, Elinor Wahal, Antonio A. Casilli, Paola Tubaro. Quel statut pour les petits doigts de l’intelligence artificielle ? Présent et perspectives du micro-travail en France. Les Mondes du travail , CEFRESS : Les Mondes du travail, 2020. ⟨hal-02995186⟩
  • Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz, Aneka Khilnani, Hiroshi Ono, Shelia Cotten, et al.. Digital inequalities in time of pandemic: COVID-19 exposure risk profiles and new forms of vulnerability. First Monday, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2020, 25 (7), ⟨10.5210/fm.v25i7.10845⟩. ⟨halshs-02888223⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Marion Coville. The trainer, the verifier, the imitator: Three ways in which human platform workers support artificial intelligence. Big Data & Society, SAGE, 2020, 7 (1), pp.205395172091977. ⟨10.1177/2053951720919776⟩. ⟨hal-02554196⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Clément Le Ludec, Antonio A. Casilli. Counting ‘micro-workers’: societal and methodological challenges around new forms of labour. Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation, Pluto Journals, 2020, 14 (1), pp.67-82. ⟨10.13169/workorgalaboglob.14.1.0067⟩. ⟨hal-02898905⟩
  • Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz, Hopeton S Dunn, Antonio A. Casilli, Paola Tubaro, et al.. Digital inequalities 3.0: Emergent inequalities in the information age. First Monday, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2020, 25 (7), ⟨10.5210/fm.v25i7.10844⟩. ⟨halshs-02889891⟩
  • Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz, Grant Blank, Massimo Ragnedda, Hiroshi Ono, et al.. Digital inequalities 2.0: Legacy inequalities in the information age. First Monday, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2020, 25 (7), ⟨10.5210/fm.v25i7.10842⟩. ⟨halshs-02889893⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli, Beatriz Pérez Alonso, Pedro Urra, Raúl Garcés. El capitalismo de las plataformas y las nuevas desigualdades. Temas, Ministerio de Ciencia Tecnología y Medio Ambiente (CITMA) de Cuba, 2019, pp.75-86. ⟨hal-03195299⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. De la classe virtuelle aux ouvriers du clic. La servicialisation du travail à l'heure des plateformes numériques. Revue Esprit, Editions Esprit, 2019. ⟨hal-02173010⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli. Micro-work, artificial intelligence and the automotive industry. Journal of Industrial and Business Economics = Economia e politica industriale, Springer, 2019, pp.1-13. ⟨10.1007/s40812-019-00121-1⟩. ⟨hal-02148979⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli, Paola Tubaro, Clément Le Ludec, Elinor Wahal. En la trastienda de la inteligencia artificial. Una investigación sobre las plataformas de micro-trabajo en Francia. Arxius de Ciències Socials, Editorial Afers, 2019. ⟨hal-02554213⟩
  • Francesca Pallotti, Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Thomas W. Valente. "You see yourself like in a mirror”: The effects of internet-mediated personal networks on body image and eating disorders. Health Communication, Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2018, 33 (9), pp.1166-1176. ⟨10.1080/10410236.2017.1339371⟩. ⟨hal-01520138⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Létezik-e digitális munkakultúra?: A munka marginalizációja, globális egyenlőtlenségek és kolonialitás. Fordulat, Szövetkezetiséget Támogató Egyesület, 2018, Digitális kapitalizmus, 23 (1), pp.122-153. ⟨hal-02173330⟩
  • Florian Vörös, Antonio A. Casilli. De la firme à la plateforme : penser le digital labour. Poli - Politique de l'Image, Poli éditions, 2017, 13, pp.42-51. ⟨hal-01625679⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli, Paola Tubaro. Réprimer les sites «pro-anorexie» : une fausse bonne idée . Libération, SARL Libération, 2017, pp.1-2. ⟨hal-01577074⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. How Venture Labor Sheds Light on the Digital Platform Economy. International Journal of Communication, ‎USC Annenberg Press‎ (Etats-Unis), 2017, 11 (Forum "Venture Labor"), pp.3934-3954. ⟨hal-01625683⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Digital Labor Studies Go Global: Toward a Digital Decolonial Turn. International Journal of Communication, ‎USC Annenberg Press‎ (Etats-Unis), 2017, 11 (Special section "Global Digital Culture"), pp.3934-3954. ⟨hal-01625688⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Antonio Casilli: " Workers are the Heart of the Algorithm ". Il manifesto (Roma), 2017. ⟨hal-01722256⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Dr. Popp et la disquette Sida. Sociologie d'une affaire hacker.. Terrain : revue d'ethnologie de l'Europe , Ministère de la culture, Sous-direction ARCHETIS-DAPA, 2015, pp.14-31. ⟨hal-00664691⟩
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  • Antonio A. Casilli, Juliette Rouchier, Paola Tubaro. How to Build Consensus in a Health-Oriented Online Community: Modeling a "Pro-Ana" Forum. Revue française de sociologie, Presses de Sciences Po / Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 2014, 55 (4), pp.731-762. ⟨10.3917/rfs.554.0731⟩. ⟨halshs-01109220⟩
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  • Antonio A. Casilli. Contre l'hypothèse de la « fin de la vie privée ». La négociation de la privacy dans les médias sociaux. Revue française des sciences de l'information et de la communication, Société Française des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication, 2013, 3 (1). ⟨hal-02286765⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli, Fred Pailler, Paola Tubaro. Online networks of eating-disorder websites: why censoring pro-ana might be a bad idea. Perspectives in public health, 2013, 133 (2), pp.1-2. ⟨10.1177/1757913913475756⟩. ⟨hal-00780295⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli, Paola Tubaro. Social Media Censorship in Times of Political Unrest - A Social Simulation Experiment with the UK Riots. Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique / Bulletin of Sociological Methodology, SAGE Publications, 2012, 115 (1), pp.5-20. ⟨10.1177/0759106312445697⟩. ⟨hal-00682317⟩
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  • Antonio A. Casilli. Être présent en ligne : culture et structure des réseaux sociaux d'Internet. Idées économiques et sociales, Réseau Canopé, 2012, 169 (1), pp.16-29. ⟨hal-00734746v2⟩
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Book sections27 documents

  • Antonio A. Casilli. Plateformes numériques. Didier Fassin. La société qui vient, Editions du Seuil, pp.185-201, 2022, 978-2-02-148162-4. ⟨hal-03560551⟩
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  • Antonio A. Casilli. Le travail à inégales distances. Par ici la sortie ! : cahiers éphémères et irréguliers pour saisir ce qui nous arrive et imaginer les mondes de demain, Editions du Seuil, 2020, 9782021468199. ⟨hal-02889466⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Préface. Sarah T. Roberts. Derrière les écrans: les nettoyeurs du Web à l'ombre des réseaux sociaux, La Découverte, 2020. ⟨hal-02889471⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Preparare, verificare, imitare: perché il lavoro umano è necessario alla produzione di intelligenze artificiali. L'enigma del valore. Il digital labor e la rivoluzione tecnologica (Atti del convegno organizzato da Effimera, 1° giugno 2019, Milano, Casa della Cultura), Effimera, pp.25-41, 2020. ⟨halshs-02882795⟩
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Conference papers12 documents

  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli. Portraits of micro-workers: The real people behind AI in France. 2nd Crowdworking Symposium 2020, Research program “Digital Future”, Universities of Paderborn and Bielefeld, Oct 2020, Paderborn, Germany. ⟨hal-02960775⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli, Paola Tubaro, Marion Coville, Clément Le Ludec, Maxime Besenval, et al.. Combien de journées en une pour les micro-travailleuses ?. Femmes au travail : Enjeux productifs et reproductifs, Feb 2020, Poitiers, France. ⟨halshs-02519726⟩
  • P. Caillou, Antonio A. Casilli, Elise Penalva-Icher, J. Posada, P. Tubaro. Inconspicuous digital labor and online quality valuations: The case of a French restaurant booking and rating platform. Conference Reshap Work, Oct 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ⟨hal-02112879⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Pierre Caillou, Elise Penalva Icher, Julian Posada. Click-work in the Kitchen: How Digital Platforms Transform Labor in the Restaurant Industry. BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference, Sep 2018, Belfast, United Kingdom. ⟨hal-02392233⟩
  • P. Caillou, Antonio A. Casilli, Elise Penalva-Icher, J. Posada, P. Tubaro. From online quality valuations to a new division of labor: how platforms transform value creation in the restaurant industry. Colloque Travail et Emploi à l’ère du capitalisme de Plateforme, Jun 2018, Paris, France. ⟨hal-02108982⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Qualifier, monétiser, automatiser : digital labor et valeur sur les plateformes numériques. "Formes d’économie collaborative et protection sociale " séminaire de recherche de la DREES et de la DARES, Sep 2017, Paris, France. pp.88-95. ⟨hal-02173244⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Réinterroger les sciences sociales à l’heure du numérique. Sociabilité, vie privée et digital labor. XXe Congrès de l'Association Internationale des Sociologues de Langue Française (AISLF), Jul 2016, Montréal, Canada. ⟨hal-01625655⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Is There a Global Digital Labor Culture? : Marginalization of Work, Global Inequalities, and Coloniality.. 2nd symposium of the Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication (PARGC), Apr 2016, Philadelphie, United States. ⟨halshs-01387649⟩
  • Antonio A. Casilli. Four Theses on Digital Mass Surveillance and the Negotiation Of Privacy. 8th Annual Privacy Law Scholar Congress 2015, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, Jun 2015, Berkeley, United States. ⟨halshs-01147832⟩
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  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Christèle Fraïssé, Estelle Masson, Laurent Mounier, et al.. Studying eating disorders in the social web: An online ethnography with social network analysis. Colloque de British Sociological Association, Apr 2011, Londres, United Kingdom. ⟨hal-01881214⟩
  • Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Christèle Fraïssé, Estelle Masson, Lise Mounier, et al.. Eating disorders in the social web an ego-network analysis approach. Colloque Sunbelt XXXI St Pete's Beach, Feb 2011, Grand Island, United States. ⟨hal-01881222⟩

Preprints, Working Papers, ...5 documents

  • Clément Le Ludec, Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli. How many people microwork in France? Estimating the size of a new labor force. 2019. ⟨hal-02012731⟩
  • Clément Le Ludec, Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli. Combien de personnes micro-travaillent en France ? Estimer l'ampleur d'une nouvelle forme de travail. 2019. ⟨hal-02021525⟩
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