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Curriculum-Vitae Anne QUESNEL-BARBET

Hospital situations 

Full-time employee in the Lille University Hospital, I have consultant and research fellow activities in medical informatics, health geography, health geomatics with a quantitative geography doctorate (PhD). Since 2006 after an assistant-lecturer position in Grenoble University, I practice and develop geography and geomatics in health through varied spatial-geomatic-modelling research projects at Lille University Hospital. I am associate researcher at the RETINES' lab of the Nice's Faculty of Medicine and I have got strong collaborations with the Kashmir's Lab of the Lille Catholic University and the ICUBE's Lab of Strasbourg University.

I am a public servant, with a nurse's statut, rank A senior.

My duties, profesional activities at the Lille University Hospital are similar to those of a public health research engineer.

Detailed activities

I set up research partnerships (IGN-Geoportal, LiveInSport 3D, Univ Liège-SOLAP, Univ-CHU Strasbourg, CH-Bethune, GHICL ...).

I answer calls for projects and expressions of interest. I develop prototypes in geomatics and medical informatics.

  • Polesat algorithm : Mapping, geometry & prospective modelings for management, planning health territories and decision making. Link to "PoleSat Web 2018": login: demo3 password: polesat4  


  • PoleSat Web 2018 will come soon through ICube - plateform BICS, (University of Strabourg)Deployment of PoleSAT software, accessible for users (in demo version)

I perform a scientific watch for health: geographic information, geomatics, data mining, graph, ontology, data warehouse - SOLAP.

Research goals

Matching "spatialized health data" and "analysis and treatment methods",

Associate geography with spatial statistics,

Modeling applied in Health,

Deepening of computer methods, geomatics and mathematics in health.


Academic situations

I have been teaching for 15 years in different university hospitals and universities since my 2 years of ATER in Grenoble.

I was qualified to MCF for 12 years in geography and 8 years in space planning, urban planning.

Invited researcher of the laboratories

CERIM-Lille 2,




Elected secretary of OSGéo-FR


French antenna of the open-source geo-spatial foundation

Gilles Maignant   

Conference papers1 document

  • Anne Quesnel-Barbet, Julien Soula, Frédéric Albert, Lorraine Trilling, Pierre Bazile, et al.. PoleSat, modélisation de la réorganisation de l'offre de cathétérisme vasculaire, pour l'aide à la décision d'hôpitaux de groupements hospitaliers de territoire de France.. 10ème conférence Francophone en Gestion et Ingénierie des Systèmes Hospitaliers, GISEH2020, Oct 2020, Valenciennes, France. ⟨hal-03124052⟩

Poster communications1 document

  • Anne Quesnel-Barbet, Julien Soula, Eric-André Sauleau, Pierre Parrend, Pierre Bazile, et al.. PoleSat's Modelling a Reorganization of Vascular Catherization Provision at the Territorial Hospital Grouping Level. Medicals Informatics Europe, Apr 2020, Geneve, Switzerland. ⟨10.3233/SHTI200438⟩. ⟨hal-03089640⟩