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C.V. Amanda Edmonds

2020  Habilitation à diriger des recherches (Université Paris 8)

  • Garante : Marzena Watorek

2010  PhD in French Linguistics and General Linguistics (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN)

  • Dissertation  “On the representation of conventional expressions in L1-English L2-French”
  • Directors: Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig and Laurent Dekydtspotter

 2004  MA in French Linguistics (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN)

2001  BA in French and Communication Disorders (Marshall University, Huntington, WV)



2021-present  Professeur des Universités (Full professor) (University of the French Riviera)

  • English department (linguistics, language acquisition)


2016-2021  Maître de Conférences (Associate professor) (University of Montpellier 3)

  • English department (linguistics, language didactics)


2011-2016  Maître de Conférences(Associate professor) (University of Pau)

  • Teaching French as a foreign language (linguistics, language didactics)


2010-2011  ATER (Lecturer) (University of Pau)

  • English department (linguistics, language)


2007-2010  Maître de Langue (Lecturer) (University of Pau)

  • English department (linguistics, language)


2006-2007  Lectrice d’anglais (Associate instructor) (University of Pau)

  • English department (linguistics, language)


2004-2006  Assistant to the Editor (Indiana University)

  • Studies in Second Language Acquisition                                                                                


2003-2004  Associate instructor (Indiana University)

  • French department (language)


Journal articles24 documents

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Book sections10 documents

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Directions of work or proceedings4 documents

  • Pascale Leclercq, Amanda Edmonds, Elisa Sneed German. Introduction à l'acquisition des langues étrangères. de Boeck, 2021, 9782807331877. ⟨hal-03329487⟩
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Theses1 document

  • Amanda Edmonds. ON THE REPRESENTATION OF CONVENTIONAL EXPRESSIONS IN L1-ENGLISH L2-FRENCH. Linguistics. Indiana University, 2010. English. ⟨tel-03137010⟩

Habilitation à diriger des recherches1 document

  • Amanda Edmonds. L'acquisition d'une langue seconde : éclairages lexical et variationniste et réflexions méthodologiques. Linguistique. Université Paris 8, 2020. ⟨tel-03044094⟩