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Journal articles15 documents

  • Alvaro Llaria, Jessye dos Santos, Guillaume Terrasson, Zina Boussaada, Christophe Merlo, et al.. Intelligent Buildings in Smart Grids: A Survey on Security and Privacy Issues Related to Energy Management. Energies, MDPI, 2021, 14 (9), pp.2733. ⟨10.3390/en14092733⟩. ⟨hal-03252635⟩
  • Jean-Baptiste Menassol, Pierre-Guillaume Grisot, Christine Guinamard, Alvaro Llaria, Magali Jouven. Digital tools for assessing animal behaviour and facilitating rangeland grazing operations. Fourrages, Association Française pour la Production Fourragère, 2021, pp.41-51. ⟨hal-03239017⟩
  • Michel Bakni, Guillaume Terrasson, Octavian Curea, Alvaro Llaria, Jessye dos Santos. An Approach for Modelling Wireless Sensor Networks: Focusing on the Design Concept and Energy Awareness. International Journal On Advances in Networks and Services, IARIA, 2020, 13 (1 & 2), pp.33-44. ⟨hal-02895636⟩
  • Eric Villeneuve, Audrey Abi Akle, Christophe Merlo, Dimitri Masson, Guillaume Terrasson, et al.. Decision support in precision sheep farming. IFAC-PapersOnLine, Elsevier, 2018, Proceedings of the 2nd IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems, 51 (34), pp.236-241. ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2019.01.048⟩. ⟨hal-01973339⟩
  • Christophe Merlo, Audrey Abi Akle, Alvaro Llaria, Guillaume Terrasson, Eric Villeneuve, et al.. Proposal of a user-centred approach for CPS design: pillbox case study. IFAC-PapersOnLine, Elsevier, 2018, Proceedings of 2nd IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems, 51 (34), pp.196-201. ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2019.01.065⟩. ⟨hal-01973299⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Guillaume Terrasson, Octavian Curea, Jaime Jiménez. Application of Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks to Achieve Intelligent Microgrids: A Promising Approach towards a Global Smart Grid Deployment. Applied Sciences, MDPI, 2016, 6 (3), pp.61. ⟨10.3390/app6030061⟩. ⟨hal-01277792⟩
  • Guillaume Terrasson, Alvaro Llaria, Adrien Marra, Samuel Voaden. Accelerometer based solution for precision livestock farming: geolocation enhancement and animal activity identification. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, IOP Publishing, 2016, II International Congress of Mechanical Engineering and Agricultural Science (CIIMCA 2015), 138, pp.012004. ⟨10.1088/1757-899X/138/1/012004⟩. ⟨hal-01346293⟩
  • Haritza Camblong, Octavian Curea, Aitor Etxeberria, Alvaro Llaria, Amélie Hacala-Perret. Research experimental platforms to study microgrids issues. International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing, Springer Verlag, 2015, ⟨10.1007/s12008-015-0288-x⟩. ⟨hal-01234057⟩
  • Renaud Briand, Guillaume Terrasson, Alvaro Llaria, Valérie Dupé. Objets communicants portés : vers une autonomie adaptée. REE - Revue de l’électricité électronique, See, 2014, pp.73-81. ⟨hal-01064643⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Jaime Jiménez, Octavian Curea. Study on communication technologies for the optimal operation of smart grids. Transactions on emerging telecommunications technologies, Wiley-Blackwell, 2014, 25 (10), pp.1009-1019. ⟨10.1002/ett.2625⟩. ⟨hal-00912649⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, Jaime Jimenez, Haritza Camblong. Survey on microgrids: Unplanned islanding and related inverter control techniques. Renewable Energy, Elsevier, 2011, 36 (8), pp.Pages 2052-2061. ⟨hal-00659030⟩
  • Ionel Vechiu, Octavian Curea, Alvaro Llaria, Haritza Camblong. Control of Power Converters for Microgrids. COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Emerald, 2010, 30 (1), pp.300 - 309. ⟨10.1108/03321641111091575⟩. ⟨hal-00659067⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Jaime Jiménez, U. Bidarte, Octavian Curea. Operational amplifiers in discrete time control systems: Influence of the Rail-to-Rail feature on their performance. WSEAS Transactions on Electronics, World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2008, 5, pp.25-34. ⟨hal-01016175⟩
  • Octavian Curea, Haritza Camblong, Alvaro Llaria, Ionel Vechiu, David Marin. Increasing public awareness of renewable energies and electrical consumption reduction: estia's approach. The International Scientific Journal for Alternative Energy and Ecology, 2008, pp.1608-8298. ⟨hal-00356410⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, Jaime Jiménez, U. Bidarte. Review of methods for a Hybrid Energy System islanding efficient management. Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ), 2008, 6, pp.1-6. ⟨hal-01016174⟩

Conference papers19 documents

  • Vincent Della-Libera, Alvaro Llaria, Guillaume Terrasson, Octavian Curea. Wearable inertial sensors to recognize basic human motion: What technology for what activity?. 3rd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS), Jun 2020, Tampere, Finland. pp.344-349, ⟨10.1109/ICPS48405.2020.9274718⟩. ⟨hal-03038210⟩
  • Jessye dos Santos, Guillaume Terrasson, Alvaro Llaria. Improving Low Power Listening (LPL) Mechanism to Save Energy Consumption in WSN. SENSORS 2020, Oct 2020, Rotterdam, Netherlands. ⟨hal-03020943⟩
  • Borja Millán, Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, Guillaume Terrasson, Francisca Segura, et al.. HyEnRo: A Novel Platform for the Study of Energy Hybridization for Autonomous Robots in Precision Agriculture. III Jornadas ScienCity 2020, Universidad de Huelva (UHU), Nov 2020, Huelva, Spain. pp.42-44. ⟨hal-03118390⟩
  • Michel Bakni, Guillaume Terrasson, Octavian Curea, Alvaro Llaria, Jessye dos Santos. Energy-aware Cross-level Model for Wireless Sensor Networks. SENSORCOMM2019, IARIA, Oct 2019, Nice, France. pp.46-51. ⟨hal-02335310⟩
  • Michel Bakni, Octavian Curea, Guillaume Terrasson, Alvaro Llaria, Jessye dos Santos. A Cross-level model for power-aware Wireless Sensor Networks design. 13ème Colloque National du GDR SOC2, Jun 2019, Montpellier, France. ⟨hal-02155305⟩
  • Eric Villeneuve, Christophe Merlo, Guillaume Terrasson, Audrey Abi Akle, Dimitri Masson, et al.. Décision dans les systèmes cyber-physiques et humains : application à l’élevage de précision. CIGI QUALITA 2019 - 13th International Conference CIGI QUALITA, Jun 2019, Montréal, Québec, Canada. ⟨hal-02268577⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Guillaume Terrasson, Nicolas Pierlot. Feasibility of power supply over CAN bus: Study on different elementary design aspects. 37th IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC 2018), Sep 2018, Londres, United Kingdom. pp.770-776, ⟨10.1109/DASC.2018.8569602⟩. ⟨hal-01935769⟩
  • Guillaume Terrasson, Eric Villeneuve, Véronique Pilniere, Alvaro Llaria. Precision Livestock Farming: A Multidisciplinary Paradigm. SMART INTERFACES 2017, The Symposium for Empowering and Smart Interfaces in Engineering, IARIA, Jun 2017, Venise, Italy. pp.55-59. ⟨hal-01654496⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Guillaume Terrasson, Harbil Arregui, Amélie Hacala-Perret. Geolocation and monitoring platform for extensive farming in mountain pastures . 2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Mar 2015, Sevilla, Spain. pp.2420-2425, ⟨10.1109/ICIT.2015.7125454⟩. ⟨hal-01140289⟩
  • Octavian Curea, Amélie Hacala-Perret, Aitor Etxeberria, Alvaro Llaria, Stephane Kreckelbergh. EneR-GEA experimental micro-grid: an open platform dedicated to research, innovation and industrial collaborations. Virtual Concept Workshop 2014, Innovation in product design and manufacture, Mar 2014, Colombia. pp.VC2014-0034. ⟨hal-01064769⟩
  • Renaud Briand, Guillaume Terrasson, Alvaro Llaria, Valérie Dupé. Objets Communicants Portés : Vers une Autonomie Adaptée - Wearable Communicating Objects: Towards an adapted autonomy. Journées Scientifiques 2014 URSI : "L'homme connecté", Mar 2014, Paris, France. ⟨hal-01015491⟩
  • Guillaume Terrasson, Alvaro Llaria, Renaud Briand. System Level Dimensioning of Low Power Biomedical Body Sensor Networks. 2014 IEEE Faible Tension Faible Consommation Low Power Conference (FTFC), May 2014, Monaco, Monaco. pp.1-4, ⟨10.1109/FTFC.2014.6828621⟩. ⟨hal-01015590⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, J. Jimenez, J. L. Martin, A. Zuloaga. Wireless communication system for microgrids management in islanding. EPE2011, Aug 2011, Birmingham, United Kingdom. 0412-epe2011-full-15190257.pdf. ⟨hal-00659029⟩
  • J. Andreu, A. Fernández-Navamuel, I. Kortabarria, Alvaro Llaria, J. A. Alzola. Definición de una microrred para la recarga de vehículos eléctricos. Seminario Anual de Automática, Electrónica Industrial e Instrumentación (SAAEI), Jul 2011, España. pp.281-286. ⟨hal-01016178⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, Jaime Jiménez. Microgrids: a Survey on Technology and Operation. International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Power Quality (PCIM Europe 2009), May 2009, Nuremberg, Germany. pp.CD-Rom. ⟨hal-00432400⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, Jaime Jiménez, Haritza Camblong. Survey on Microgrids: Analysis of Technical Limitations to Carry out New Solutions. 13th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE 2009), Sep 2009, Barcelone, Spain. pp.CD-ROM. ⟨hal-00432394⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, J. Jimenez, U. Bidarte. Review of methods for a hybrid energy system islanding efficient management. International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality 2008, 2008, Spain. pp.0. ⟨hal-00356134⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Haritza Camblong, Octavian Curea, J. Jimenez. Physical Workbench for Technical Training in Discrete Time Control. IFAC 2008, Jul 2008, Séoul, South Korea. pp.ISBN: 978-3-902661-00-5. ⟨hal-00356142⟩
  • Alvaro Llaria, Octavian Curea, J. Jimenez. Influence of the rail-to-rail feature of the operational amplifier on the performanceof an instrumentation system. 6th WSEAS International Conference on Computational Intelligence, 2007, Spain. pp.210-214. ⟨hal-00356125⟩

Poster communications1 document

  • Michel Bakni, O Curea, G. Terrasson, A Llaria, Jessye dos Santos. Cross-level energy model for power-aware Wireless Sensor Networks design​. Journée de l'ED SPI 2019, Mar 2019, Bordeaux, France. 2019. ⟨hal-02089236⟩