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  • Alexis Bocquet, Andrea Michiorri, Arthur Bossavy, Robin Girard, Georges Kariniotakis. Assessment of probabilistic PV production forecasts performance in an operational context. 6th Solar Integration Workshop - International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems, Nov 2016, Vienna, Austria. Energynautics GmbH, pp.6 - ISBN 978-3-9816549-3-6, 2016, Proceedings 6th Solar Integration Workshop. <hal-01409042>
  • Guillaume Foggia, Alexandre Neto, Andrea Michiorri, Alexis Bocquet. Coordinated control of dispersed battery energy storage systems for services to network operators. 23rd International Conference on Electricity Distribution - CIRED 2015, Jun 2015, Lyon, France. 2015. <hal-01168569>
  • Shankar Kumar, Raphael Jolivet, Alexis Bocquet, Nils Siebert, Georges Kariniotakis, et al.. Assessment Of Short-Term Wind Power Predictability In India. Annual EWEA 2012 Conference, Apr 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. 1 page - Oral presentation, 2012. <hal-00812432>
  • Georges Kariniotakis, H.P. Waldl, Ignacio Marti, Gregor Giebel, T.S. Nielsen, et al.. Next generation forecasting tools for the optimal management of wind generation. 9th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, PMAPS 2006, Jun 2006, Stockholm, Sweden. IEEE Computer Society, pp.1-6 - ISBN 978-91-7178-585-5, 2006, <10.1109/PMAPS.2006.360238>. <hal-00526448>
  • Igor Waldl, Félix Dierich, Georges Kariniotakis, Alexis Bocquet, Silvère Virlot. The Anemos Wind Power forecasting Platform technology - techniques and experiences. EWEC 2006, Feb 2006, Athènes, Greece. 4 p., 2006. <hal-00527160>