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CV de Alexandre MEYER

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  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Hubert Konik, Saïda Bouakaz. Framework for reliable, real-time facial expression recognition for low resolution images. Pattern Recognition Letters, Elsevier, 2013, 34 (10), pp.1159-1168. <10.1016/j.patrec.2013.03.022>. <hal-00817293>
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  • Ahmad Abdul Karim, Thibaut Gaudin, Alexandre Meyer, Axel Buendia, Saida Bouakaz. Procedural Locomotion of Multi-Legged Characters in Dynamic Environments. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Wiley, 2012, 24 (1), pp.3-15. <10.1002/cav.1467>. <hal-01352977>
  • Axel Buendia, Alexandre Meyer, Saïda Bouakaz, Thibaut Gaudin, Ahmad Abdul Karim. Adding physical like reaction effects to skeleton-based animations using controllable pendulums. Transactions on edutainment IV, 2011, VI, pp.111-121. <hal-01126420>
  • Ludovic Dutreve, Alexandre Meyer, Saïda Bouakaz. Easy Acquisition and Real-Time Animation of Facial Wrinkles. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Wiley, 2011, 22 (2-3), pp.169. <10.1002/cav.395>. <hal-00631255>

Communication dans un congrès20 documents

  • Arthur Crenn, Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Saida Bouakaz. Body expression recognition from animated 3D skeleton. International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D), 2016, Liège, Belgium, France. IEEE, 2016, <10.1109/IC3D.2016.7823448>. <hal-01494984>
  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Saida Bouakaz. Automatic Affect Analysis: From Children to Adults. 11th International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC), Dec 2015, Las Vegas, United States. pp.304-313, <>. <10.1007/978-3-319-27863-6_28>. <hal-01252358>
  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Hubert Konik, Saida Bouakaz. Automatic Analysis of Affective States: Visual Attention Based Approach. Springer CCIS series. International Multi Topic Conference 2013, Jan 2014, Jamshoro, Pakistan. pp.98-108, 2014, <10.1007/978-3-319-10987-9_10>. <hal-01314489>
  • Axel Buendia, Ahmad Abdul Karim, Thibaut Gaudin, Alexandre Meyer, Saïda Bouakaz. Generic Spine Model with Simple Physics for Life-Like Quadrupeds and Reptiles. VRIPHYS, Jun 2012, X, France. 2012, pp.97-106, 2012. <hal-01126423>
  • Rizwan Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Hubert Konik, Saida Bouakaz. Une méthode de reconnaissance des expressions du visage basée sur la perception. RFIA 2012 (Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle), Jan 2012, Lyon, France. pp.978-2-9539515-2-3, 2012. <hal-00660976>
  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Hubert Konik, Saida Bouakaz. Human vision inspired framework for facial expressions recognition. Image Processing (ICIP), 2012 19th IEEE International Conference on, Sep 2012, Orlando, FL, United States. pp.2593 - 2596, 2013, <10.1109/ICIP.2012.6467429>. <hal-00794159>
  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Hubert Konik, Saïda Bouakaz. Exploring human visual system: study to aid the development of automatic facial expression recognition framework. Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(CVPR), Workshop on Gesture Recognition, Jun 2012, Rhode Island, United States. pp.49-54, 2012. <ujm-00714091>
  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Hubert Konik, Eric Dinet, Alexandre Meyer, Saïda Bouakaz. Separating superfluous from essential: which facial region(s) holds the key for expression recognition?. 16th European Conferences on Eye Movements, Aug 2011, Marseille, France. pp.262, 2011. <ujm-00632446>
  • Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Alexandre Meyer, Hubert Konik, Saïda Bouakaz. Facial Expression Recognition using Entropy and Brightness Features. 11th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA), Nov 2011, Cordoba, Spain. pp.1-6, 2011. <ujm-00632860>
  • Ludovic Dutreve, Alexandre Meyer, Veronica Orvalho, Saida Bouakaz. Easy Rigging of Face by Automatic Registration and Transfer of Skinning Parameters. International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics, Sep 2010, Warsaw, Poland. Springer, pp.333-341, 2010, <10.1007/978-3-642-15910-7_38>. <hal-01381503>
  • Brice Michoud, Erwan Guillou, Saida Bouakaz, Mathieu Barnachon, Alexandre Meyer. Towards Removing Ghost-Components from Visual-Hull Estimations. ICIG, Sep 2009, Xi'An, China. IEEE, pp.428-434, 2009, <10.1109/ICIG.2009.121>. <hal-01437792>
  • Ludovic Dutreve, Alexandre Meyer, Saida Bouakaz. Real-Time Dynamic Wrinkles of Face for Animated Skinned Mesh. ISVC' 09: 5th International Symposium on Visual Computing, Nov 2009, Las Vegas, USA, United States. Springer, pp.25-34, 2009, <10.1007/978-3-642-10520-3_3>. <hal-01437791>
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  • Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret, Pierre Poulin. Interactive Rendering of Trees with Shading and Shadows. Steven J. Gortler and Karol Myszkowski. 12th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering Techniques, Jun 2001, London, United Kingdom. Springer, pp.183-196, 2001. <inria-00537504>
  • Alexandre Meyer, Emmanuel Cecchet. Stingray: Cone Tracing using a software DSM for SCI clusters. Daniel S. Katz and Thomas Sterling and Mark Baker and Larry Bergman and Marcin Paprzycki and Rajkumar Buyya. IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, Oct 2001, Newport Beach, United States. IEEE Computer Society, pp.95 - 101, 2001, <>. <10.1109/CLUSTR.2001.959957>. <inria-00537505>
  • Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret. Multiscale Shaders for the Efficient Realistic Rendering of Pine-Trees. Graphics Interface, May 2000, Montréal, Canada. Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, pp.137--144, 2000, <>. <inria-00537508>
  • Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret. Interactive Volumetric Textures. George Drettakis and Nelson Max. Eurographics Workshop on Rendering techniques (Rendering Techniques'98), Jun 1998, Vienna, Austria. Springer Wein, pp.157--168, 1998. <inria-00537518>
  • Alexandre Meyer, Fabrice Neyret. Textures volumiques interactives. journées Francophones d'Informatique Graphique (AFIG'98), Dec 1998, Dunkerque, France. pp.261--270, 1998. <inria-00537519>

Thèse1 document

  • Alexandre Meyer. Représentations d'arbres réalistes et efficaces pour la synthèse d'images de paysages. Interface homme-machine [cs.HC]. Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I, 2001. Français. <tel-00004686>

Chapitre d'ouvrage1 document

  • Alexandre Meyer, Philippe Decaudin, Fabrice Neyret. Représentations Alternatives. Bernard Péroche and Dominique Bechmann. Informatique Graphique et Rendu (Traité IC2), Hermes Science Publication, 2007, Traitement du Signal et de l'Image, 978-2-7462-1515-3. <inria-00537430>

Poster1 document

  • Céline Loscos, Hila Ritter Widenfeld, Maria Roussou, Alexandre Meyer, Franco Tecchia, et al.. The CREATE Project: Mixed Reality for Design, Education, and Cultural Heritage with a Constructivist Approach. Mixed and Augmented Reality, 2003. Proceedings. The Second IEEE and ACM International Symposium on, Oct 2003, Tokyo, Japan. <inria-00606747>

Rapport1 document

  • Frédéric Boudon, Alexandre Meyer, Christophe Godin. Survey on Computer Representations of Trees for Realistic and Efficient Rendering. [Research Report] 2301, LIRIS UMR CNRS 5205. 2006. <hal-00830069>