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Al Hadatha journal

Al Hadatha journal is a refereed academic cultural quarterly journal that has been publishing in Beirut, Lebanon, since 1994 with a license from the Ministry of Information (230 T 21/9/1993).

ISSN: 2790-1785

The editor in chief is Farhan Saleh. Since its first issue, the journal has been concerned with publishing academic research under the supervision of a specialized scientific committee.

The journal was formed after continuous working meetings between its editor-in-chief Farhan Saleh and many researchers and academics from Lebanon and the Arab world. Afterwards, a number of them became part of the advisory body of the journal. Below are some of the researchers and academics included in the advisory body of the journal, note that some of them passed away (while preserving Nicknames):

Abdullah Al-Alayli, Salam Al-Rassi, Ahmad Abu Saad, Toufic El Bacha, Walid Gholmieh, Khalil Ahmad Khalil, Frederick Matouk, Muhammad Shya, Elham Kallab, Moufid Abu Murad, Akram Kanso, Jaber Asfour, El-Sayed Yassin, Philip Hatti, Zahi Nader, and Ahmad Morsi, Mohamed El-Gohary, Alia Shukri, Nabila Ibrahim, Abdel-Hamid Burayo, Nimr Sarhan ... etc.

The journal publishes research from a wide range of academics, thinkers, researchers, and writers in Lebanon and the Arab world. Its topics range from the human, social and political sciences, to intellectual, heritage, literary, critical, artistic and media issues ...

The journal aims to build strong relations with most institutions of higher education in Lebanon and the Arab world. It has been accredited in various universities. The research published in it was cited in dozens of academic papers including scientific theses and doctoral theses, as well as in dozens of intellectual, cultural, social, literary and heritage publications in Lebanon and in the Arab and Western world. Issues of the journal can be found in various American and European universities.

Editor-in-chief : Farhan Saleh

Journal articles5 documents

  • Claire Agabriel, Agnes Cornu, C. Journal, Cécile Sibra, Pascal Grolier, et al.. Tanker milk variability according to farm feeding practices: vitamins A and E, carotenoids, color, and terpenoids. Journal of Dairy Science, American Dairy Science Association, 2007, 90 (10), pp.4884-4896. ⟨hal-02655353⟩
  • Claire Agabriel, Jean Baptiste Coulon, C. Journal, B. de Rancourt. Composition chimique du lait et systèmes de production dans les exploitations du Massif Central. Productions animales, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, 2001, 14 (2), pp.119-128. ⟨hal-02678382⟩
  • G. Agabriel, Jean Baptiste Coulon, C. Journal, Cécile Sibra, H. Albouy. Variabilité des caractéristiques des fromages Saint-Nectaire fermiers : Relations avec la composition du lait et les conditions de production. Lait, Elsevier, 1999, 79 (3), pp.291-302. ⟨hal-02699251⟩
  • Claire Agabriel, Jean Baptiste Coulon, C. Journal, J. Bony. Effect of concentrate type and distribution method on milk fat content and milk production in dairy cows. Annales de zootechnie, INRA/EDP Sciences, 1997, 46 (5), pp.417-425. ⟨hal-02686459⟩
  • Claire Agabriel, Jean Baptiste Coulon, Cécile Sibra, C. Journal, A. Hauwuy. Facteurs de variation de la numération cellulaire du lait en exploitation. Annales de zootechnie, INRA/EDP Sciences, 1997, 46 (1), pp.13-19. ⟨hal-02687828⟩

Conference papers3 documents

  • Claire Agabriel, Cécile Sibra, C. Journal, Jean Baptiste Coulon. Intérêt et traitement d’enquête en élevage en un seul passage : réflexions tirées de 15 années d’expérience. 12. Rencontres autour des Recherches sur les Ruminants, Dec 2005, Paris, France. ⟨hal-02762977⟩
  • Claire Agabriel, Anne Ferlay, Cécile Sibra, C. Journal, D. Teissier, et al.. Composés d'intérêt nutritionnel de laits de grand mélange : comparaison des teneurs en acides gras et vitaminés selon l'altitude et la saison de production. 6. International Meeting on Mountain Cheese, Jun 2004, Ragusa, Italie. ⟨hal-02761292⟩
  • Claire Agabriel, Anne Ferlay, C. Journal, Cécile Sibra, D. Teissier, et al.. Composés d'intérêt nutritionnel de laits de grand mélange: teneurs en acides gras et vitamines selon l'altitude et la saison. 11. Rencontres Recherches Ruminants, Dec 2004, Paris, France. ⟨hal-02763337⟩