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Anne Duittoz


Professor in Animal Physiology (section CNU 66). I am interested in the control of reproduction by GnRH neurons. What are the mechanisms involved in the pulsatile mode of GnRH secretion by neurons? What mechanisms involved in the development of GnRH neurons can interfere with the onset of puberty? What role does the cellular microenvironment play in the regulation of GnRH neuron activity?


Yves Tillet    Philippe Chemineau   

Journal articles1 document

  • Esma Agça, Martine Batailler, Yves Tillet, Philippe Chemineau, Anne Duittoz. Modulation of estrogen receptors during development inhibits neurogenesis of precursors to GnRH-1 neurones: In vitro studies with explants of ovine olfactory placode. Brain Research, Elsevier, 2008, 1223, pp.34-41. ⟨10.1016/j.brainres.2008.05.026⟩. ⟨hal-02527029⟩

Conference papers1 document

  • Martine Batailler, Michel Blanc, Gilles Bruneau, Alain Caraty, Didier Chesneau, et al.. Activité pulsatile des neurones à LHRH et sa régulation par des facteurs externes et internes. 1ères Journées d'Information Scientifiques du Département de Physiologie animale, Oct 1997, Tours, France. ⟨hal-02840947⟩