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CV Adeline Herrou

Ethnologue et sinologue, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris

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  • Adeline Herrou. A World of Their Own: Daoist Monks and Their Community in Contemporary China. Three Pines Press, 2013, 978-1-931483-25-4. 〈hal-01632028〉

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  • Adeline Herrou. Contemporary Daoist Funerary Practices and Afterlife Beliefs. Moreman, Christopher M. Routledge Companion to Death and Dying, Routledge, pp.173--183, 2018, 978-1-138-85207-5. 〈hal-01632091〉
  • Adeline Herrou. Ren Fajiu : A Living Daoist Immortal in the People's Republic ?. Ownby, David and Goossaert, Vincent and Ji, Zhe. Making Saints in Modern China, Oxford University Press, pp.419--449, 2016, 978-0-19-049457-5 978-0-19-049456-8. 〈hal-01632178〉
  • Adeline Herrou. Networks and the `Cloudlike Wandering' of Daoist Monks in China Today. Kirkland, Russell. Taoism: Critical Concepts in Religious Studies, Routledge, pp.237--262, 2015, Critical concepts in religious studies, 978-0-415-82942-7 978-1-138-85768-1 978-1-138-85771-1 978-1-138-85772-8 978-1-138-85773-5. 〈hal-01632201〉
  • Adeline Herrou. "La sagesse chinoise dans le développement urbain". Le temple tao\"ıste des Nuages blancs de Shanghai et l'Exposition universelle 2010. Baptandier, Brigitte and Houdart, Sophie. Ethnographier l'universel: l'exposition Shanghai 2010 ; "Better city, better life", Société d'Ethnologie, pp.283--333, 2015, Recherches sur la Haute Asie, 978-2-36519-011-4. 〈hal-01632197〉
  • Adeline Herrou. Esiste una vita "fuori parentela" ? I monaci taoisti in Cina. Giorda, Mariachiara and Sbardella, Francesca. Famiglia monastica: prassi aggregative di isolamento, Pàtron, pp.165--193, 2012, Collana di antropologia delle religioni, 978-88-555-3195-5. 〈hal-01632078〉
  • Adeline Herrou. Daoist Monasticism at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century. An Ethnography of a Quanzhen Community in Shaanxi Province. Palmer, David A. Daoism in the Twentieth Century: Between Eternity and Modernity, Univ. of California Press, pp.82--120, 2012, New Perspectives on Chinese Culture and Society, 978-0-9845909-3-3. 〈hal-01632066〉

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